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Climate, Science and Oceanography

Rahmstorf et al 2005
The Earth's Climate is not static but has evolved over the last 4.5 Billion years, and continues to do so into the Anthropocene. An incredibly active area of research today, this subject introduces you to the methods by which past climates can be reconstructed, the exact uncertainties involved, and to what extent the climate system can be modelled.

In order to understand the climate system it is crucial to have an understanding of the oceans, since they constitute the largest heat reservoir on the planet's surface. We study ocean circulation, and how it changed during the ice-ages and previously. 

You will develop a knowledge of the history of the Earth's climate and its oceans over four billion years, and learn skills that will enable you to critically analyse research being published day-by-day.

For the first year material on this subject, see the Part IA Earth Climate System Course.


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International team head to Papua New Guinea to measure volcanic carbon degassing

Sep 01, 2016

An international team of scientists is traveling to the islands of Papua New Guinea this September to study degassing from active volcanoes in remote jungles there. Some of these volcanoes are among the most active on Earth, ejecting a significant proportion of global volcanic gases into the atmosphere.

Mistaken Point - Canada's 10th geological World Heritage Site

Aug 02, 2016

The ancient rugged coastline of Mistaken Point on Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula face the winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It can be a difficult place to work, but nevertheless it has been a mecca for geologists for over several decades now.

An underestimated Kevan

Jul 21, 2016

Douglas Palmer on the Sedgwick Museum’s giant Pliosaurus cf. kevani in the latest edition of Geoscientist

Oesia – a new tube worm from deep Cambrian times

Jul 21, 2016

Collections up close, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

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