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Alexandra Maskell

Alexandra	 Maskell

PhD student

Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems



Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333424

Research Interests

My PhD research focuses on the petrological and geochemical consequences of long-term exposure of CO2-charged waters on reservoir and cap-rocks. Using materials collected in July 2012 from a subsurface drilling program of a natural CO2 accumulation at Green River, Utah, I am quantifying the CO2 promoted fluid-mineral reactions.

Key Publications

Maskell A., Kampman N., Chapman H., Condon D. J. & Bickle M. 2015. Kinetics of CO2–fluid–rock reactions in a basalt aquifer, Soda Springs, Idaho, Applied Geochemistry, 61, 272-283.

Maskell A. S. D., Duuring P. & Hagemann S. G. 2014. Hydrothermal alteration events controlling magnetite-rich iron ore at the Matthew Ridge prospect, Jack Hills greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 61, 189–214.