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Equipment and Instruments


X-Ray Diffractometry


Element distribution map, showing Mg in a ankaramite (ol + cpx phyric basanite) from the Deccan province. The zoned grain is a pyroxene c. 500µm in length (the highest concentrations being shown in red).


Cameca microprobe


X-ray spectrum observed by means of the energy-dispersive (ED) detection system. The elements present can be identified from the positions of the peaks on the energy scale, enabling rapid mineral phases identification.


One of our 2 Dynamic Mechanical Analysers. One of these is incorporated into an X-ray diffractometer, forming a unique instrument for studying the structural behaviour of crystalline materials as they are subjected to external stress.


Cathodoluminescence micrograph of zoned calcite cement in thin section, Pwll y Cwm Oolite, Lower Carboniferous, Baltic Quarry, South Wales.


Plasma emission with quartz sample introduction system


Secondary electron micrograph of an isolated seta from a Lower Cambrian filter-feeding arthropod; the discovery of such fossils has established the presence of an active zooplankton in the earliest Palaeozoic (scale bar 10 um) ©NJ Butterfield


IR spectra of Na-K feldspar exsolution in far-infrared region (292 K).


Schematic layout showing the basic geometry of the Bruker IFS 113v FT-IR spectrometer optics


Schematic layout showing the basic geometry of the Bruker IFS 66v FT-IR spectrometer optics


Details of a He-continuous-flow cryostat


SediGraph slide


Main instruments for fine particle size


Coulter Counter

Laser diffraction sizer


Bottom Line


Sortable Silt

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