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Research Skills & Reading Lists

Research Skills & Reading lists (yes!)

Resources - mainly for undergraduates

Reading Lists

Michaelmas Lent 2014 Lent 2013 1a & 1b reading lists 

Part 1A Reference Series: Rocks, Minerals & Fossils 

This website houses photographs and descriptions of the specimens found in the 1A (first year) Reference Series at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge. This series is a collection of rocks, minerals and fossils used to aid the first year Geology students in their practical revision. It is not an exhaustive collection, but includes the range of specimens with which the first year students should become familiar. You may also want to use The Virtual Microscope web site in conjunction with the Reference series - or Vice Versa


Part II/III Reprint Collection

The Part II/III Reprint Collection List includes details of all articles that are available in hard copy and may be borrowed from the Library Office. Many of them are on reading lists but may not be available elsewhere in the Library.


Visit Camtools the "virtual collaboration environment" for course support materials - Raven login required. 

Past Tripos Papers

Copies of past papers can be found on the relevant CamTools website. There is also an index page linking to papers for all of our courses on Camtools but this can only be accessed from computers in the University. 

Members of the ESC Supervisors area of CamTools can also access copies of papers for all our courses externally by using the  Camtools login. Anyone who supervises geology courses in department should contact  or one of the course organisers to be registered for access to this area of CamTools.

Part II/III Projects

ArcGIS Information

Other Resources

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Digital Map Library

Postgraduate Resources


 sedgwick club twitter

Sedgwick Club: the student geological society of the University of Cambridge 


User Education - Earth Sciences Provision

The Library offers a full programme of user education to Part II undergraduates and new postgraduates at the beginning of the Michalemas Term. Some sessions will be repeated at the beginning of the Lent Term for all Library users. See What's New for a timetable of currently offered sessions. Where advised please book by emailing 

Online Tutorials

Copyright Advice

The University is licensed with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). This means that published works covered by the licence can be copied, within these restrictions:

  • No more than 5% of the total work can be copied
  • No more than one chapter per book or one article per journal issue can be copied.

Here are a couple of quick copyright flowcharts: excluding crown copyright and crown copyright

Visit the University's webpage on copyright for further information regarding copyright matters commonly encountered at the University.

Digital Map Library

On-line resources for mapping projects & general mapping

Earth Sciences Digital Map Library

Smartphone compass/clinometer apps. Warning from Nigel Woodcock

I keep being told that the complete answer to collecting field orientation data is a smartphone app such as FieldMove Clino. This does a lot of good things, BUT you should be aware of possibl errors. This is a regular topic of discussion on the Geotectonics discussion  group at You can sign up there to see the FieldMove Clino thread beginning on 27/8/14, but the gist of the widely held concerns is in the post below from Richard Jones at Geospatial research at Durham. I'm sure that we will get reliable app/smartphone combination within a few years, but be careful in the meantime. 

"We have carried out quite a lot of systematic testing of the suitability of iPhones as compass-clinos for measuring geological planes - and we have experienced very mixed results. 

The good news is that ...

  1. we have managed to get good, repeatable results that are approximately as precise as a set of analogue compass-clinos (Silva liquid filled housings, double spirit-level, no electronics). 
  2. once we're up and running, using an iPhone is much quicker than any analogue compass-clino we've used; so ideal for taking large numbers of measurements from a single sampling site (e.g. fracture transects).
  3. we've now taken many, many thousand measurements with iPhones that we believe are within acceptable precision.

The bad news is that ...

  1. if we're not very rigorous in setting-up and calibrating the devices, we usually get randomly bad results.
  2. even if we are very careful, the iPhones sometimes don't self-calibrate properly - so we always cross-check the iPhone against an analogue compass-clino before and after a measurement session.
  3. there's no obvious way of examining the device itself to see whether it's likely to be functioning correctly - you must have another device with which to compare it.

So personally, I'm extremely sceptical of the general validity of any orientation data that have been collected with smartphones - unless the user has documented their calibration procedure carefully, and that the calibration has not relied wholly of the device's own calibration [... or until someone has documented why this isn't necessary]. 
Based on this, I'd also recommend that any orientation data that are published (or form the basis for interpretations that are published) include a statement on the equipment and method used."

Smart phone & tablet apps

iGeology gives you an interactive geological map of the UK for use on phones and tablets. Download iGeology from Google Play

Rocklogger Android app for measuring rock orientation, strike & dip, and magnetic field - free. Also available is paid version with stereonet plotter

eGeo Compass 'The ultimate Android geology compass for geologists' says the web site

ArcGIS for iPhoneAndroid, and Windows phone 7



Google Earth for Mobile - free of charge for Android tablets or phones, also available for iPhones

Google translate  - available both for Android and iPhone

Images – anywhere around the world

General online resources

These are links from where you can select specific country information.These resources will often just give you an overview of the country with some topographic, and sometimes geological information but in ageneral way

Contours to import 

A good resource for worldwide contours is the Global Digital Elevation Map (GDEM) made available by NASA from here: There a number of choices you can make but in all honesty I've only ever tried one and it works fine. You'll need to create an account to be able to download the material you want but it is a simple process and the account is activated immediately. Remeber to be as precise as you can with you areas, as the larger the area you request the larger the files you'll have to manipulate. 

General Geological  Resources online


  • OneGeology OneGeology is an international initiative of the geological surveys of the world access the viewing portal from here - Remeber to click on the View Layers option to add and remove your chosen layers.
  • OpenGeoScience from the BGS, a brand new site launched in December 2009. There is 6 sections to explore:

Region-specific information


  • Microsoft® TerraServer is the world's largest searchable image database with zoomable 1-meter resolution USGS digital orthophotos of the U.S.
  • Topozone – Claims to have every USGS topographic map, orthophotomap, and aerial photograph in the entire United States. Fun to play with – and some very good deals on Map Packs (maps, aerial photos etc)
  • National Geological Map database – USGS resource for geological maps and related data
  • National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program – some potentially useful information about geological mapping projects in general and the ‘how tos’ of mapping. Some useful links on this page
  • Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Data Center United States Geological Survey (USGS) site
  • National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) – more from USGS
  • U.S. Geological Survey Aerial Photography
  • Electronic Map Library contains a series of maps created by Dr William Bowen, of the Department of Geography at California State University, Northridge. The online collection contains maps which are stored in GIF and JPEG formats and also in PDF, EPS, and TIFF formats. The online maps focus mainly on areas of the United States and include the Digital Atlas of the United States
  • United States Geological Survey publications in the Library. Many of these will have relevant maps for your chosen mapping area. A large amount of USGS material is available on-line at the USGS Publication Warehouse. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey

Canada/North America


  • Africa: general resources available
  • Madmappers - "GIS data accessible to all" - a bit of a hunt but you will find material there
  • A good resource for 1:50K maps of South Africa is Spatial Reference you'll need to register and log in to downlaod the maps but it is free
  • Digital map of Africa This website (Open File Report 97-470A, version 2.0, 2002) was compiled by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). It is a digital map including geology, oil and gas field locations, and geologic provinces of Africa, as part of a worldwide series of maps in CD-ROM. Maps are in PDF format and can be downloaded with Acrobat Reader. The site contains also links to references and contact information
  • Many African countries have Geological Survey publications, some bulletins, reports or memoirs. We have a lot of these publications, especially the older ones in the Library. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey for a specific country

Europe – a selection

      The Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland 



    • National Land Survey of Iceland main site full of topographic mappy goodness
    • Here to download 1:50,000 maps
    • Here for a general atlas
    • Here for the general map viewer - you can add and remove/adjust layers


    • ISPRA (Istituto superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale): 1:50 000 Geological maps. Problem 1) Site doesn't (currently) work in English so you have to use the Italian version. Problem 2) The maps are available for viewing ONLY via a Flash viewer. Please let us know if the link doesn't work.
    • This is the Italian Military Geography site map viewer:  and here is the doanload section for all sorts of things, including shp files and how to connect to the italian WFS



      • Some map guidance can be had from the LNEG site - there is some English language translations of the site but not all the pages are
      • And a full Geoportal is availbale from here, including a map viewer






              • the geoportal of the Swiss Confederation - for geological maps look under Nature & Environment section
              • Swisstopo Federal Office of Topography


              • The OS
              • Landmap: provides spatial data and learning resources for the UK - Provides orthorectified satellite image mosaics of Landsat, SPOT and ERS radar data and a high resolution Digital Elevation Model for the British Isles. This data is available in formats that are readily accessible to users of Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing and Desktop publishing software
              • Digimap: Cambridge University Library subscribes to this service which delivers Ordnance Survey Map Data to users within UK Tertiary Education via the Internet. You need to have a Raven authentication account to register free of charge for access to Digimap. For more information about Digimap see the University Library Map Room web pages. Please follow this link for information on Raven 
                Important: Registration takes at least 3 days so plan in advance
              • Map and Data Place : EDINA provides key geographic data, especially for the UK, such as digital maps and digital boundaries
              • Geology of Britain (British Geological Survey)
              • GeoIndex: This site provides a map-based index to datasets that have been collected or have obtained from other sources. The Britain Beneath our Feet website provides more generalised maps based on data collected.
              • British Geological Survey publications in the Library. Many of these will have relevant maps for your chosen mapping area. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey
              • You can find the Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSI) here and the OSI map viewer their GeoPortal is here and here is the map viewer
              • The Geological Survey of Ireland can be found here and their on-line mapping tools are here
              • Ireland – the Library has a number of geological maps. For topographic maps you will need to go to the University Library Map Room
              • For Europe your best bet is to use the Earth Sciences Map Library to check for maps although we do not have everything and may need to order maps in. Also try the general online resources section
              • Many European countries have Geological Survey publications, some bulletins, reports or memoirs. We have a lot of these publications, especially the older ones in the Library. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey for a specific country

              6. Australia/New Zealand

              7. South America

              • Try the general online resources links for South American information, also the USGS often has publications relating to this area
              • Many South American countries have Geological Survey publications, some as bulletins, or reports or memoirs. We have a lot of these publications, especially the older ones in the Library. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey for a specific country


              • Geological Survey of Brazil in English or CRPM (Companhia de Pesquisa de Recursos Minerais) in Portugese
              • For topographical maps look in IBGE Instituto Brasiliero Geografia e Estatística

                8. Asia

                • India Geological Survey
                • Geological Survey publications for many Asian countries are available in the Library in print form as journals, bulletins or reports. Search the online catalogue Newton for the Geological Survey for a specific country
                • CHINA  - China Geological Surveydata services China GeoData Service. This looks like a really good resource, but so far I have only been able to make it work in the Google Browser - but that's quite handy because you can get it to translate for you should you need it.


                Institutions/Geological Surveys

                • A useful page from Berkeley for Geological surveys and institutions of the relevant country. A strong US focus but a good starting point
                • BGS geoportal - Good way to find out all the details of academic and commercial organizations for you to get in touch with in the country of your mapping project – try and do a text search on the country/region you’re interested in


                Buying maps

                Part II Mapping Projects: The Librarian will purchase topographic maps that you need but in some instances (especially if mapping abroad) it will be cheaper for you to buy the maps whilst there. Always make sure that you will be able to do this beforedeciding on this course of action. The Librarian needs plenty ofadvance notice for ordering foreign maps via the normal agents. TheLibrary will buy these maps back from you providing that you havepre-arranged this with the Library staff AND the maps are in goodcondition.

                Previous Part II Mapping Projects

                A reference of projects that the library holds copies of & locations where students have been mapping


                Part II Mapping Project

                Mapping Projects


                Project No.




                FUNDS, STUDENTSHIPS, PRIZES 2013 & 2015 VERSION


                DAVE THOMPSON AWARD current application form


                The Study of an Area on the Southern Edge of the Adamello Massif. 6 II Gillian Apps 1980   No information
                The Geology of the Area South West of Killary Harbour, Co. Galway, Eire. 4 II Susan Rigby 1985   No information
                The Geology of Southern Quimsa Chata and Serranias. (Chilla to the South of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia)  10 II Stuart Paton 1989 Cambridge Geological Project to Bolivia, The Denis Curry Trust, Queens' College Cambridge
                The Geology of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. 2 II Georg Zellmer 1994 Trinity College
                The Geology of the West side of the Ossau Valley Pyrenees Atlantiques, France 9 II Fiona Hilton 1997 Corpus Christi College, The Worshipful Company of Mercers, The Kathleen and Margery Elliot Trust
                The Geology of The Devils Fence Anticline area, Jefferson and Broadwater Counties, Montana. 8 II Jenefer Brett 1997 The Guilchrist Foundation
                The Sedimentary Facies and Tectonics of Kongressdalen, West Spitsbergen. 11 II Douglas Paton 1997 Mobil North Sea, Amerada Hess, BP, The Royal Geographical Society
                The Geology of the Southwest Harlech Dome, near Barmouth, North Wales. 5 II Ian Showell 1997 No information
                The Geology of the Montgenevre Ophiolite, French Western Alps. 2 II Jonathan Blower 1997 No information
                The Geology of the North West Corner of the Kula Volcanic Field, Western Turkey. 22 II Lisa Hall 1998 No information
                The Geology of Tover, The Lake District. 21 II Neil G. Sime 1998 Shell International Travel Bursary, Queens' College
                The Geochemical Variability of Borgarhraun Lava Flow Theistereykir, Iceland. 19 II Fiona Hilton 1999 No information
                The Geology of the Moine Thrust Zone by Loch Eriboll, Sutherland. 3 II Catherine Isherwood 1999 Dorothy Mandall Strong Memorial Scholarship Fund
                The Geology of the White Lake Basin, British Columbia. 23 II Katie Dane 2003 Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Marr Memorial Fund, The Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Sir Bartle Frere's Memorial Fund, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Churchill College, St. Catherine's College
                The Geology of Llyn Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia, North Wales. 29 II John Elliott 2004 Pembroke College, Marr Memorial Fund
                The Structure and Sedimentology of Cretaceous to Miocene Rocks in the vicinity of Ward, Marlborough, New Zealand. 49 II Tom Russon 2004 No information
                The Geology of the Coastal Hills of Ward, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand. 50 II Andy Wilson 2004 No information
                The Geology in the Cape Fold Belt, near Laingsburg, South Africa. 36 II Sebastian Watt 2005 No information
                The Ordovician Geology North of Tremadog, North Wales. 35 II Chris Roberts 2005 No information
                The Geology of the Jarre Creek area, Colorado , USA. 45 II Robin Haworth 2006 Charlie Bayne Travel Trust
                The Geology of The Floriskraal Dam, near Lainsburg, South Africa. 42 II Magaret Hartley  2006 No information
                The Geology of the Valdore Meanders area (Esla Valley, Castilla y Leon) 48 II E. Kite 2006 No information
                The Geology of the Vourinos Ophiolitic Sole, Northern Greece. 54 II Robert Myhill 2007 Peterhouse College, Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME), Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2007
                The Solid Geology of the Muscat Area, Sultanate of Oman. 55 II Andrea D. Tegzes` 2007 No information
                The Geological Study of the Vourinos Ophiolite. 56 II Robert Sparkes 2007 No information
                The Geology of the Perry Park, Douglas County, Colorado. 68 II Jillian Hawker 2007 No information
                The Geology of the Island of Atloy, Norway. 61 II Maria Andersson 2007 No information
                A geological map of the Lac de Bious-Artigues area, Val d'Ossau, Français 64 II James Shaw Stewart 2007 No information
                Archeon Geology of the Steynsdorp Anticline, Barberton, South africa 65 II Jennifer Rutter 2007 Mary Euprasia, Marr Memorial and New Hall College Travel Funds
                The Geology of Zapahuira and the surrounding area in the region of Belen, Northern Chile 87  II Frances Boait 2007 The Centre of Latin American Studies
                Nature of the andesite sheets and basal contact of the Lower Borrowdale volcanic group 92 II Nick Plummer 2007 Charlie Bayne Travel Trust
                Geology of the Western Dassie Nappe of the Naukluft Nappe Complex, Namibia
                144 II Ellie Hughes 2007 No information
                The Steynsdorp Mapping Project, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. 66 II Susan Little 2008 Mary Euphrasia Fund, Girton College
                The Archean Geology of the Steynsdorp Anticline, Barberton, South Africa. 65 II Jennifer Rutter 2008 No information
                The Geology of the Cantabrians around Cremenes, North Western Spain. 67 II Oliver Shottle 2008 Queens' College
                Cerro Labertino Region, Antofagasta, Chile. 75 II Peter Hall 2008 Centre for South American Studies, Girton College
                The Geology of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, U.S.A. 76 II Lara Tarasewicz 2008 The Worts Fund, The Royal Geological Society, BP
                Cerro Laberinto Region Antorogasta Chile. 75 II Peter Hall 2008 Centre for South American Studies, Girton College
                Report on travel to the CO-Operative Republic of Guyana. 86 II Sarah v White 2008 Commonwealth Trust
                Mapping report on the geology of the Nephi Area, central Utah, USA. 77 II Guido Martin-Brandis 2009 No information
                The Geology of the Cape and Karoo basins 12km east of Matjiesfontein, South Africa 84 II Hannah Mottram 2009 No information
                The Geology of Salt Creek Canyon, Utah, USA 79 II Samantha Simic 2009 No information
                The Geology of Riu les Esglesies, Catalan Pyrenees 88 II Gareth Fabbro 2009 No information
                The Geology of Matjiesfontein, South Africa 89 II Taryn Duckworth 2009 No information
                Geology of the Esla area, near Cremenes, Cantabrian Mountains, Northwest Spain 90 II Laura Soul 2009 The Worts Fund, Murray Edwards College
                Geology of the Richtersveld Desert, South Africa 96  II Owen Weller 2009 The Commonwealth Trust, Earth & Space Foundation, Pembroke College, Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme (CASP)
                The Geology of the Vue des Alpes Region Southeast of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel Canton, Switzerland 97 II David Neave 2009 Class of 2005 Mapping Fund, Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2009
                Mapping of an area north of the Karaburun Peninsula, in Izmir Province, Western Turkey 99
                Tom Robinson 2009 Cambridge European Trust, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Bancroft's School Exhibition and Loan Fund
                The Geology of Dolgarrog and Cwm Eigiau, North Wales 108 II Alexandra Miller 2010 No information
                The Geology of the White Lake Basin, Kearns Creek Area 105 II David Milodowski 2010 Shell, the Cambridge Commonwealth Memorial Trust, Worts Travel Fund, Marr Memorial Fund, Churchill College
                Investigations into aspects of geology in the Castleton area, Derbyshire (mostly desktop based) 106 II Benjamin Pennington 2010 No information
                Geology of eastern Lustadvatnet Nord-Trøndelag, Norway 102 II Aaron Bufe 2010 King's College, Trinity College 
                The Geology of South Pembrokeshire, Wales (partially desktop based) 103 II Elizabeth Atkinson 2010 Marr Memorial Fund
                Lustadvatnet, Nord-Trøndaleg, Norway: Geology of the Caledonide Orogeny 109 II Mark Hoggard 2010 Emmanuel College, LRGS, Marr Memorial Fund, Phil Towsend, Worts Travel Fund
                The Geology of the West Coast of the Island of Atloy, Western Norway 116 II David Sykes 2010 Worts Fund
                Report on the Geology and mapping of the cape and Karoo super groups 114 II Rosalie Tostavin 2010 Trinity Commonwealth Fund, Mary, Worts and Euphrasia Funds, Marr Memorial Fund, Sidney Sussex
                Report of Geological Mapping undertaken in Northeast Chapel Hill Quadrangle, Orange County, North Carolina 158
                Erin Earl
                2010 No information
                Geology of part of the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada 115 II Tim Middleton 2011 The Edward Daniel Clarke Travel Bursary, Class of 2008 Mapping Fund, the Mary Euphrasia Mosley, Sir Bartle Frere & Worts Travel Funds, Joint Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2011
                Geology of La Totoraregion of the Huasco Valley, Norte Chico, Chile 111 II Helen Picot 2011 The Centre for Latin American Studies, Downing College Travel Grant, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Marr Memorial Fund
                The Geology of the Wolfville area, Nova Scotia, Canada 125 II Ekbal Hussain 2011 No information
                The Geology of the La Totora Valley, El Transito, Vallenar, Chile 126 II Robert Green 2011 Centre for Latin American Studies, St. John's College
                El Transito Region, Vallenar, Chile 127 II Jenny Roberts 2011 Centre for Latin American Studies, Trinity College, Shell UK
                Nature of members of Borrowdale Volcanic Group and its contact with overlying sediments 128
                Alex Brett
                1958 Trinity Hall Matriculands 58:08 Fund
                The Geology of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, canada 129 II Alicia Davies 2011 Joint Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2011
                Geology of Rooiberg, South Africa 130
                Amy Nicholson
                No information
                Mapping report for study of Crémenes, Northern Spain 131 II Conor Meenan 2012 Donald Robertson Travel Grant Fund
                Geology of the area around Villamanin, northern Spain 138  II Amelia Penny
                2012 Class of 2005 Fund
                The geology of the El Transito Valley, Vallenar, Chile 137 II Olivia Osicki 2011 Worts Travel Fund
                Report on the Geology of the Pitote Stream Region and Paritata Peninsula, Waikato, New Zealand 141
                II David Arnold 2012 The Royal Geographical Society, Mary Euphrasia Mosely Grant, Marr Memorial Fund, Clare
                Geology of the Waitetuna estuary and Otonga hills area, Raglan, Waikato State New Zealand

                Joanna Hall
                Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2012
                Bedrock geology of Mt. Nansen, Yukon, Canada

                Marthe Klöcking
                Mary Euphrasia Mosely Grant, Sir Bartle Frere & Worts Travel Funds, G.R.N. Minchin Fund, the Geological Society of London
                Arkaroola homestead, south Australia

                Robert Owen
                Bartle Frere Exhibitions, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund
                The geology of Pichi Richi pass, south Flinders range, South Australia

                William Miller
                King's College Ferris travel grant, Sir Bartle Frere & Worts Travel Funds, G.R.N. Minchin Fund, the Geological Society of London
                The geology of north western Spain (Villamanin) 149

                Kate Horan
                Girton College, The Class of 2005 Fund
                Part II mapping project: Rusca Montana, Romania 150

                Tom Norwood
                No information
                The geology of Mt Nansen, Yukon, Canada 151
                Logan Mills 2012
                Marr Memorial Bursary, Bartle Frere, Mary Euphrasia Mosley and Worts Travelling Scholars Funds, Dave Thompson Memorial Award, Clare College Travel Grant, Clare College Geologists' Research Fund, Christ's College G.R.N. Mincin Fund, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Geological Society of London, Novas Consulting, Geological Survey of Canada, the University of British Columbia
                Geology of the Vredefort Dome, South Africa 153

                Claire Nichols
                2013 Newnham College, the Worts Fund
                The Geology of Southern Unst, Shetland Islands 154

                Hannah Snellgrove 2013 Dave Thompson Mapping Fund, Gonville & Caius College, Winner of John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2013
                Northeast Chapel Hill Quadrangle, Orange County, North Carolina 158 II Erin Earl 2009  No information
                Fronalp Region, Glarus Alps, Switzerland 159 II Simon Matthews 2013 St Catherine's College Travel Fund, Winner of the John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2014
                Tibbitt Lake region, Northwest territories, Canada 160 II Max Winchester 2013 Gilchrist Educational Trust, Selwyn College, Dave Thompson Award, Class of 2005 Award, Mary Euphrasia Moseley, Sir Bartle Frere & Worts Travel Funds
                South East Raasay, Scotland 161 II Amy Jennings 2013 King's College
                Raglan (Whaingaroa) Harbour, Waikato District, North Island, New Zealand 162 II Zoe Watson 2011  No information
                The Geology of the South-East of the Isle of Raasay, Scotland, United Kingdom 163
                Jack Wright
                Girton College M B. Thomas Fund
                Arkaroola, Northern Flinders Ranges, Australia 164
                II Christina Larkin 2013 Rosemary Edwards Fund for Student Support (Academic Needs & Travel Exhibition Funding), Murray Edwards College Gateway Challenges Funding, Bartle, Worts, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Funding.
                Geological mapping of South Kerrera 178 II Laura Briggs 2014 Newnham geology & geography grant, Class of 2005 Award
                Title project II Charlotte Jackson 2014 Joint winner of the John Reekie Memorial Prize for 2015
                Title 192 II Katy Walker 2014 Geological Society, The Santander - Centre for Latin American Studies, Sidney Sussex, Caius, Newnham, Shell, Chevron (oil company applications via Academic Staff)
                Geology of Northeastern Utö, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden






                Richard Stockey



                The geology of Northern Flin Flon, Mb, Canada


                II Daniel Spencer 2015 The Ogden Trust, The Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, the Gilchrist Fund, Churchill College
                The geology of Mount Chaufukwe and the Ruaha River Valley, Chimala, Tanzania






                Alex Lipp



                 Bartle, Worts, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Funding








                Mineralogy Projects

                The Use of Total Scattering Methods in the analysis of Disordered Crystalline Materials. 28 II Elizabeth R. Shand
                No information
                Molecular dynamics simulations of structure I clathrate hydrates – Mineralogy project 85 II Leila Rimmer 2009 No information
                Nanostructure and crystallography of abberrant vaterite occuring in Corbicula fluminea (Mollusca) 133 II Max Frenzel 2011 No information


                Literature Reviews

                Name Project No. Part Author Year
                The Recycling of Water at Subduction Zones 73 II Joel C. Gill 2008
                Is the Chicxuclub Crater really K-T age? 43 II Daniel Welling 2006
                An investigation into the Origins of avian flight and the implications of Wing Assisted Incline Running (WAIR) 31 II E.Loffill 2005
                Quantifying levels of oxygen across the Great Oxidation Event – a review

                II Matt Lees 2016

                Previous Part III Student Projects

                A list of the Part III projects held in the library - Bullard, Dampt & BPI based projects will be kept in the Bullard Library during Michaelmas Term





                Project No.


                The palaeoecology and early diagenetic history of the Miocene Aymamon Limestone, Northern Puerto Rico


                Laura Robinson



                Cenozoic ridges and inversion structures project (C.R.I.S.P.)


                Gillian Kirby



                Geochemical Variability of Borgarhraun Lava Flow, Theistereykir, Iceland


                Fiona Hilton



                The search for a magma chamber beneath the slow spreading Reykjanes Ridge.


                Lisa Hall



                Climate change in the North Atlantic during the last interglaciation


                Elizabeth Petrie



                The influence of neotectonics, climate and bedrock geology on drainage dispersal pattern in northwest China


                Sarah Jane West



                Tertiary metamorphism of Lewisian Gneiss on the Isle of Rum,Inner Herbrides


                Catherine Isherwood



                The Sedbergh Conglomerate: Study of the facies, petrology and depositional environment of a Lower Carboniferous braided river system in the northwest of England


                T.W. Coleman



                The petrogenesis and tectonic significance of Permian basalt in the Tarim Basin, northwest China


                Thomas Rahilly



                Glacial to Interglacial changes in deep flow through Amirante Passage, SW Indian Ocean


                David Thornalley 



                Ionic mobility and structural disorder in potential radionuclide hosts


                Elizabeth Cope



                Cavern-collapse brecciation along a variscan fault: Dent Fault Zone, Cumbria


                Jenny Omma



                Pyrometamorphism, the Glenmore Plug, Ardnamurchan: the aureole


                Rachel Sides



                Interpretation of time-lapse seismic data from the CO2 storage operation at Sleipner, northern North Sea


                Sarah Lyle



                Mapping & morphological interpretation of the Kameni Dacite Lavas, Santorini, Greece, through the use of remote sensing techniques


                John Elliott



                Contributions of silicate and carbonate rocks to riverine sr fluxes in an Alpine catchment


                Leah Jackson-Blake



                Physical modelling of fluvial bedrock wear: angle of presentation


                Andrew Wilson - missing



                The compartive taphonomy, sedimentology and paleoecology of a new Oligocene mammalian bone-bed, White River Group, Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA


                Tom Russon



                Polygonal faulting in the East Shetland Basin


                Gordon Lawrence



                CO2 sequestration in deep aquifers: dynamic control of fluid - rock interactions


                James Verdon



                Lithosphere evolution beneath the Kaapvaal Craton: Evidence from mantle xenoliths in the Finsch kimberlite, South Africa


                Jacqueline Malarkey



                Description & interpretation of a new Odontiopleurid (Meadowtownellid) Trilobite (Middle Ordovician) of the Builth Inlier, Mid-Wales


                Tim Conway



                Uptake of volcanic pollutants by plants


                Sebastian Watt



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                Eleanor Ainscoe





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                IDP Literature Reviews 







                Phanerozoic atmospheric oxygen


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                Alexandra Miller



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                The viability of carbon sequestration in mafic and ultramafic rock


                Helen Picot



                Part II & Part III Reprint collection

                This is a list of the papers for which we don't have on-line access but do have paper copies in the library office. The list in is alphabetical order. The last number in brackets is the number you need to look for in the boxes.


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                For full text in 1st edition see Developments in Sedimentology Vol. 12 (1971) EASJ.DEVSED.12

                (This item MUST remain in the Short Loan Collection)


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                Strain rates & North sea reprise


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1228)

                G1 Basin dynamics Option 2008: NJW Practical 8

                An active foreland basin


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1229)

                G1 Basin dynamics Option 2008: NJW Practical 9

                Transient uplift I


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1230)

                G1 Basin dynamics Option 2008: HRP Practical 10

                Oceanic crust and V-shaped ridges


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1231)

                G1 Option basic dynamics: Yasir Al-Hajri Practical 11

                Solid flux of Zambezi Delta


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1232)

                G1 Basin dynamics Option 2008: AGC practical 12

                The subsidence of deep-water margins


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1233)

                Practical 13 Solution


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1234)

                Solution 14


                White, Nicky. G I -  Practical Solutions (1235)

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                Sub-surface fluid flow


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                (2 articles in one. See under Jefferys& Bunbury as well)

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                W.F. Ruddiman, Earth’s climate Past and Future, (2001) W. H. Freeman and Co (New York).

                H. Elderfield (ed.) The oceans and marine geochemistry, Treatise on Geochemistry vol. 6 (2006) Elsevier.

                S. Emerson and J. Hedges, Chemical Oceanography and the Marine Carbon Cycle, (2008) Cambridge University Press.

                J.T.Houghton, Global warming, the complete briefing, (2004), Cambridge University Press.

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