Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics

Academic Staff involved in this discipline:
Dr David Al-Attar, Prof Jean-Philippe Avouac, Professor Mike Bickle, Dr Alex Copley, Dr Arwen Deuss, Professor James Jackson, Professor Dan McKenzie, Dr Jerome Neufeld, Professor Keith Priestley, Dr John Rudge, Professor Nicky White, Professor Robert White, Dr Nigel Woodcock, Professor Andrew Woods

Research Staff involved in this discipline:
Dr Laura Alisic , Dr Penny Barton, Dr Iris Buisman, Dr Sanne Cottaar, Dr Lotty Gladstone, Dr Christoph Gruetzner, Dr Jessica Irving, Dr Bryan Lovell, Dr Alan Smith, Dr Lauren Waszek 

Research Students involved in this discipline:
Miss Thorbjorg Agustsdottir, Mr Matthew Baron , Miss Madeleine Bohlin, Mr Harold John Bradbury, Mr Laurence Cowton , Miss Haesul Fagcang, Mr Andrew Gilbert, Mr Robert Green, Tajudeen Iwalewa , Jenny Jenkins, Marthe Klöcking, Yuting Li, Mr Will Miller, Miss Jennifer Mills, Miss Veronica Rodriguez Tribaldos , Miss Emma Smith, Mr Thomas John Williams   

A snow storm blankets the South Island of New Zealand, clearly demarcating the Alpine Fault. (Credit: Image courtesy NASA, #TMOA2003192. July 11, 2003)

The distinctive feature of this grouping is the investigation of a very broad spectrum of structural, tectonic and geodynamical processes using quantitative physical models based on land-, marine- and space-based observations. Theoretical and geophysical analyses interface with advances in petrology, geochemistry and mineral sciences. Work at the BP institute and the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics is an integral part of this research and connects the Department closely with the Departments of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The COMET project on modelling and observation of earthquakes and tectonics has developed further our strong national and international collaboration in aspects of space-based observation combined with fieldwork. We have expanded our activities in marine seismology through collaboration with Schlumberger. We are developing research in normal-mode and body-wave earthquake seismology. An extensive array of seismometers and new computational facilities has strategically enhanced our research in all areas of seismology and geodynamic modelling.

This is a vibrant training environment, for a career either in industry or academia, backed up by excellent research facilities.

Research is ongoing in:

We welcome applications from students with backgrounds in geology, geophysics, physics or mathematics.

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