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V1930, ODP 677, ODP 846 composite 6 Million year time series



The following files are inclusive datasets for each site:

RC (CONRAD) cores: plots are thumbnails of data against depth

rc10_133 15/22/S 151/31.5/E
rc10_140 02/39/S 156/59/E
rc10_141 1.1335/0/S 156.3/0/E
rc10_174 32.07/0/N 157.583/0/E
rc10_175 34/35/N 159/10/S
rc10_288 35/31.6/N 73/25.4/W
rc10_65 0/41.4/S 108/37.2/W
rc10_97 0.917/S 134.31/W
rc11_147 19/03.5/S 112/45/E
rc11_174 52/34.6/N 151/21/W
rc11_210 01/49/N 140/03/W
rc11_86 35/47/S 18/27/E
rc12_225 53/39.5/S 123/08/W
rc12_267 38/41/S 25/47/W
rc12_294 37/15.6/S 10/05.8/W
rc12_36 14/44.3/N 97/40/W
rc12_66 02/36.6/N 148/12.8/W
rc13_120 03/50.8/N 107/14/W
rc13_138 01/48.5/N 94/08.4/W
rc13_205 02/17.3/S 05/11/E
rc13_229 25/29.6/S 11/18.4/E
rc13_253 46/36/S 07/37.5/E
rc13_254 48/34.2/S 05/34.2/E
rc13_269 52/37.6/S 00/07.5/E
rc14_37 01/28/N 90/10/E
rc15_52 29/14.3/S 85/59.1/W
rc15_61 40/36.6/S 77/12.1/W
rc15_62 45/17.4/S 77/12.6/W
rc15_65 53/04/S 78/57.1/W
rc15_94 42/58.9/S 20/51.3/W
rc15_96 42/52.7/S 23/54.9/W
rc15_97 42/57.3/S 25/56.2/W
rc17_176 03/45/N 158/46/E
rc17_178 01/45/N 159/24/E
rc23_50b 01/01.82/N 104/24.7/W
rc24_16 5.033/S 10.183/W
rc27_45 16/36.01/N 59/40.76/E
rc8_18 24/04/S 15/07/W
rc8_39 42.8833/S 42.35/E

VEMA cores: plots are thumbnails of data against depth

v10_58 35/40.3/N 26/18/E
v17_42 03/32/N 81/11/W
v18_166 34/59/S 27/07/W
v18_68 54/33/S 77/51/W
v19_240 30.583/S 13.283/E

v1930dut 03/23/S 83/31/W
v1930uv 03/23/S 83/31/W

v19_188 06/52/N 60/40/E
v19_240 30/35/S 13/17/E
v19_248 24/34/S 04/50/E
v19_25 02/28/N 81/42/W
v19_27 00/28/S 82/04/W
v19_28 02/22/S 84/39/W
v19_29 03/35/S 83/56/W
v19_30 03/23/S 83/31/W
v20_119 47/57/N 168/47/E
v20_220 28/36/S 29/01/W
v21_162 58.55/0/N 177.217/0/W
v21_29 00/57/N 89/21/W
v21_30 01/13/S 89/40.5/W
v22_108 43/11/S 3/15/W
v22_174 10/04/S 12/49/W
v22_182 0/32.5/S 17/16/W
v22_187 4/26/N 20/48/W
v22_188 4/40/N 20/55/W
v22_189 4.933/N 21.117/W
v22_196 13/50/N 18/57.5/W
v22_197 14/10/N 18/35/W
v22_198 14/35/N 17/39.5/W
v22_221 28/53/N 43/36/W
v22_26 08/43/N 41/15/W
v22_38 9.55/0/S 34.25/0/W
v23_100 21/18/N 22/41/W
v23_6 42/29/N 61/48/W
v24_109 00/26/N 158/48/E
v24_148 00/50/S 157/22/E
v24_149 01/41/S 157/27/E
v24_150 02/12/S 155/42/E
v24_166 16/31/S 150/47/E
v25_42 12/33/N 50/39/W
v25_59 01/22.4/N 33/28.9/W
v27_60 72/11/N 08/34.8/E
v27_64 73/30.9/N 19/59.9/E
v28_14 64/47/N 29/34/W
v28_179 4/37/N 139/36/W
v28_203 00/57/N 179/25/W
v28_235 05/27/S 160/29/E
v28_238 01/01/N 160/29/E
v28_239 03/15/N 159/11/E
v28_240 05/13/N 158/04/E
v28_294 28/26/N 139/58/E
v28_310 25/25/N 125/38/E
v28_304 28/32/N 134/08/E
v29_179 44.71/N 24.533/W
v29_31 3.8/N 78.65/E
v29_61 18.75/S 76.567/E
v30_132 65.083/N 7.133/W
v30_163 72.4/N 14.817/E
v30_40 0.2/S 23.15W
v30_97 41/N 32.933/W
v32_126 35.317N 177.917/E
v32_128 36.467/N 177.167/E
v32_130 35.283/N 171.9/E
v32_159 48.667/N 147.4/E
v32_161 48.283/N 149.067/E
v35_05 7.2/N 112.083/E
v36_06 19.433/N 115.9/E

























The following directories have data arranged by species for each site by the database:



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