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Editing your profile

Profile Page Guidelines

There is strict guidance on owning a departmental profile page, and you are encouraged to view these before working on your page.

The guidelines state that any profile created MUST be created by the webmaster.  Therefore, not everyone automatically has a profile page. If you cannot find your profile, please contact the .

Editing Your Profile Page (if you have one)

Please log in (Raven)

Go to your profile page by clicking on your name from the category of staff you are listed under, for example if you are listed under Academic or Research student.

Once you see your profile page (might just contain your name and phone number), click 'Edit' on the green panel above your name. You will be given access to various fields you can edit, prompted by 'Next' at the end of each page! there are currently 4 pages that can contain various information on each person.

your email address is on page 3. Please do not mistake this with 'access account ID' on page 1.

Once you have finished editing, save and that's done.

Note: some profiles might not display the green edit panel, in which case you will have to let us know by emailing the webmaster for us to enable this for you.

Adding Images

To upload images, you need to make a request to the , for an image folder to be created for you.

Once you have an image folder, you can save images here, which you then add to your profile.

Images saved as .JPEG and .GIF files are recommended, as they are supported by all browsers. 
Using other formats may result in images not being displayed correctly, if at all.

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Last updated: 29 April 2015

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