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Geochemistry Laboratories

We have the following major instrumentation in the geochemistry group:

  • Nu Instruments MC-ICP-MS, used for isotope analysis of Mg, Ca, Sr, Ge, Nd, U, Th, Pb, and other isotope systems
  • Perkin Elmer Elan DRC II ICP-MS "the quad" - analyses a wide range of samples for trace element concentrations. We routinely run silicate rocks, plants, and foraminifera and can handle many different environmental sample types
  • Varian Vista-PRO Simultaneous ICP-AES, mostly used for foraminfera analysis (Element /Ca ratios) but also for major and minor element concentrations in a wide variety of sample types
  • New Wave UP213 Laser Ablation system, usually interfaced to the Elan but can be also interfaced to the other ICP instruments
  • VG Sector 54 TIMS (multicollector thermal ionisation mass spectrometer) used for isotopic analyses of Sr, Nd, Ra, and U/Th

These instruments are backed up by extensive laboratory facilities for sample preparation including several clean trace metal laboratories. In addition, the Godwin Laboratory operates 4 gas source stable isotope mass spectrometers.

The Department is exceptionally well-equipped to undertake chemical analysis related to problems including climate change, hydrothermal activity on mid ocean ridges, petrology and palaeoceanography.

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