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BP Institute Laboratories

Wolfson Building, Bullard Laboratories

Head of Section

Professor A. Woods

Local Officer for Safety

Dr. C. Gladstone


  1. All persons using this facility must abide by the Departmental Codes of Safe Practice, the 'Use of BP Institute Laboratories' document, and be familiar with the Risk Assessments of the area and relevant experimental procedures, prior to commencement of work.
  2. New users (students, staff and visitors) must not commence work until instruction has been given in the correct safety procedures for the equipment and chemicals involved.
  3. Appropriate PPE must be worn at all times; in particular, respiratory masks when handling clay-grade particles.
  4. All particles must be handled extremely carefully to avoid spills; particular attention must be paid to spherical, translucent ballotini which pose slip hazards.
  5. Hoses must be securely fastened and positioned to minimise spills and trip hazards.
  6. All Risk Assessment for experiments and other laboratory procedures, together with data sheets and COSHH assessments are pinned up behind the entrance door.



Departmental Codes of Safe Practice