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Downing Site Carpentry Workshop

Academic Staff Member

Dr. I. Farnan

Principal Technician

Mr Martin Walker

Senior Technician

Charlie Aldous


South Wing - Ground Floor - Room 029
Tel: 33462


  1. All persons using the maintenance and carpentry workshop must abide by these Departmental Codes of Safe Practice and be familiar with the Risk Assessment for the area, consideration of which must precede commencement of work.
  2. Only personnel who have been trained in the safe operation of equipment will be allowed to operate fixed and portable machines, both within the workshop and throughout the department.
  3. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be suitable for the work being carried out. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn, including when portable equipment is being used around the Department (see Appendix 1). An appropriate mask must be worn for all jobs where dust is generated.
  4. The dust extraction and collection system must be operational for all woodworking machining operations, the room / window air extraction system must be on when machining is taking place.
  5. The Carpenter has the responsibility for the safety inspection and recording of all the Department's ladders.