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Electron Probe Laboratory

Head of Section

Dr Andy Buckley


Martin Walker


East Wing - Ground floor Room N029
Tel: 39977

  1. All persons using this facility must abide by these Departmental Codes of Safe Practice and be familiar with the Risk Assessment for the area, prior to commencement of work
  2. The electron probe is available for use by all members of the Department after full instruction in it's safe use
  3. The filling of liquid nitrogen into the probe's detectors and the changing of compressed gas cylinder regulators is done by the technician or by a specially trained person. 'Guidelines for Emergency Procedures for Liquid Nitrogen and Compressed Gases' are pinned up in the room. See Appendix 6 also
  4. Operations by unqualified or semi-trained personnel, servicing and adaptation of equipment will only take place during normal working hours, or within the confines of Appendix 2.