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High Temperature Laboratory

Academic Staff Member

Professor M.A. Carpenter


Mr Chris Parish
Tel: 33467


South Wing – 2nd Floor – Room S206;
Tel: 33467


Safety Procedures and Restrictions:
Authority to use the facilities must be obtained from Prof. M. A. Carpenter. You must double-check temperatures and settings; if you are running an experiment over-night or longer term then you must leave your name and contact number (24 hours) before leaving the area.

  1. All persons using the High Temperature Laboratory must abide by these Departmental Codes of Safe Practice and be familiar with the Risk Assessment for the area before commencing work.
  2. Use of the Equipment in this Laboratory is strictly by prior permission of the Head of Section Prof. Michael Carpenter or the Technician for the Section, who will give appropriate training. A person will be certified as an authorised user when they have demonstrated satisfactorily that they are competent to operate the equipment safely on their own.
  3. Nobody may adjust, change or interchange any gas cylinder regulator or adjust any pressure equipment without first gaining permission to do so from the Technician for the Section. You must also refer to the booklet 'BOC guidelines (Safe Under Pressure)' at every gas cylinder point.
  4. Instruction sheets and manuals are available for all conventional experimental routine use. Authorised users may perform such studies with equipment already operational and tested during working hours. Long-term experiments will obviously run overnight or several weeks or even months, and setting up and breaking down these experiments must be done with the full knowledge of the technician in charge.
  5. Prototype experiments by authorised users may be performed only under the direct supervision of Prof. M. Carpenter.
  6. Personal Protective Equipment is available and must be used: a full-face mask and high heat gloves must be used when extracting samples from the furnaces.
  7. Working out of hours: see Appendix 2.