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Downing Site Instrument Workshop

Academic Staff Member

Dr. I. Farnan

Principal Technician

Mr Martin Walker


P. Taylor


South Wing - Ground Floor - Room S027
Tel: 33436


  1. All procedures must be carried out in accordance with the University and Departmental Codes of Practice for COSSH and general Risk Assessment, consideration of which must precede commencement of work.
  2. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be suitable for the operation being carried out. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn for all machining operations, and when machining is taking place nearby . The Head of the Workshops will supply free prescription lenses for any safety glasses needed, and safety shoes if required (strictly for Departmental use only).
  3. All machines must have safety guards or screens when machining. Air extraction must be used when doing dusty jobs or welding.
  4. When machining special materials the manufacturer's instructions must always be followed.
  5. Propane or butane gas cylinders must have blow back safety valves. High pressure regulators for gas cylinders must be inspected annually and are under the control of Mr Martin Walker.
  6. All heavy equipment must be lifted by mechanical means. All workshop personnel must attend one of the lifting seminars run by the Department and the University Safety Adviser's Office. Appendix 8 (manual handling) applies.
  7. Non-workshop personnel and unskilled persons needing to use the workshop facilities will have an assessment as to what facilities or machines they can use by one of the senior engineers, who will also oversee their use.
  8. The Metal Store (room S013) must be kept tidy and locked when not in use. Only trained workshop personnel may use the guillotine and power saw. The ladder must be firmly fixed before using it to gain access to the top shelves.
  9. All sharps and waste from special materials (e.g. PTFE, titanium) must be disposed of correctly.
  10. The Department recognises the need for out of normal hours working. This may take place ONLY when all safety procedures are catered for, as in Appendix 2. No permission will be given to one person working out of hours when machining or electrical work is being undertaken: two is the minimum and then only with the prior permission of the Head of the Workshops and the Departmental Safety Adviser.
  11. The main workshop door entrance and exit to the fire escape must be free of obstructions at all times.
  12. The electrical mains control panel in room S027 must not be obstructed, tampered with, or altered without authority of the University Estate Management and Building Service.
  13. All mechanical lifting equipment including slings and shackles must be certified and registered for annual inspection through the University Financial Board Insurance Section. This is the responsibility of the Head of Workshop Facilities.