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Appendix 8: Manual Handling

  1. Anyone who needs to lift heavy objects should first study the advice on manual handling posted on notice boards.
  2. Manual handling courses are available and anybody who has to lift weights greater than 10 kg as part of their normal duties should attend (for details, see the Principal Assistant Mr Martin Walker).
  3. Arrangements for dealing with deliveries of heavy objects should be planned in advance. For substantial items of laboratory equipment, etc., the supplier should preferably accept full responsibility for installation in their final location (commitment to this should be obtained in advance in writing). Where this is not the case it may be necessary to hire removals men. Where unloading of vans etc. is concerned, note that the University's personal accident cover does not extend outside the department building.
  4. In the event of any anticipated difficulties regarding manual handling, the Deptartment Safety Officer, Lucy Matthews or the Principal Technician Mr Martin Walker.