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Getting Online

Downing site ('Downtown')

The computing officer downtown is Jun Aizawa.  He is very approachable, if busy.

Any general enquiries should be sent to .   

  1. Register as a Department of Earth Sciences user with this form, which you should get signed by your supervisor and take to Jun in the computing office (North wing, top floor, N316/N318).  This will allow you to use department computing facilities, and get on the department network.
  2. Once you user application has been processed (pretty quick), connect to the department network!  You may have to get the network port in your office activated (go and talk to any of the computing officers - it's usually faster than emailing them).
  3. Instructions for setting up your email client can be found here.

Important Notes: 

  • You should familiarise yourself with the computing code of conduct, and get in touch with the computing officers if anything is unclear.
  • Skype is allowed on the department network, but it must not be left running in the background.  This is because the clever people at skype will notice we have a fast connection and start routing traffic through us, which we then have to pay for.

Bullard Labs

(still under construction)