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Health and Safety

Downing site ('Downtown') 

While it can often seem a bit of a chore, it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with department health and safety measures and procedures.  By following them you will ensure that you've thought through experiments and procedures thoroughly and properly before you carry them out, and minimise the possibility of you being damaged by the range of nasty chemicals we have here.

The department health and safety officer is Lucy Matthews () although the procedures in individual labs may vary, so the best person to go to first is the person running the lab.

When you arrive:

  1. Go through the induction checklist, to make sure you know who to contact in an emergency.
  2. This refers to the Earth Sciences Safety Handbook 2015-2016, which you should read.
  3. Attend the Department safety talk (you will be told the date and time.
  4. Make sure you attend the university run graduate safety courses

Before you use a lab:

  1. Follow the PROCESS.
  2. All necessary forms can be found here.


Much more information on department health and safety can be found on the department website.  If in doubt, ASK.


Bullard Labs

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