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Part III - Computing

At the beginning of your Part II year, you had a course on presentation and computer skills, including report writing, bibliographic skills, computer graphics, stereo-plotting, map drawing and GIS. You will have further developed many of these skills in compiling the report on your Part II mapping project. With the Part III project giving a more specialised flavour to your fourth year, extra training in computer skills needs to be targeted to your individual needs.

For this purpose, the University Computer Service offers a portfolio of courses throughout the year. You are strongly advised to attend relevant courses, either to upgrade your own capabilities in a particular area, or to learn a new skill in an area appropriate to your project.

Courses are free to students, but you must book in advance – most courses get booked up days ahead. You can register online, a full timetable and description of courses is available. You must explicitly cancel your booking in advance if you cannot attend. Most courses assume some prior knowledge of basic computing skills, but no more than you should have from your Part II experience.

The topics likely to be of most interest to Part III students will be

  • Bibiographic software (EndNote)
  • Databases
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphics and photo/image processing
  • Multimedia
  • Presentation software (PowerPoint)
  • Programming
  • Spreadsheets
  • Statistical and mathematical software
  • Unix (inc. Linux)
  • Web page authoring

As well as these taught courses, there are Self-Teach Courses available for some popular applications. These courses are mostly on CD-ROM, borrowable from the Computing Service against a deposit. Full details from the Computer Service website.


Regulations governing the use of computing facilities with DES 

Computing Facilities within DES