Geological Sciences: Part III

The Fourth Year includes a major research project, seminars and a choice of option courses across the Geological Sciences.

Part III 2010-2011 BOOKLET


There is also a synopsis of the interdisciplinary course on Earth system and Climate Change (IDP2).


The research project

Part III Project Guide 2010

Part III Project List 2012

The library holds copies of some past projects.

At the beginning of your fourth year, you'll spend eight to ten weeks doing your own research project, which accounts for 40% of the assessment in your final year.

Each year there are a selection of new project outlines to choose from, all in current research areas, or you can devise your own project brief in consultation with your supervisor.

Projects can be field, laboratory, literature or computer based, and can even lead to published papers.

Use of laboratory PROCESS form

Use of laboratory PROCESS form


The report contains details of all your research and findings The research project output includes:

  • an A0 poster that summarises your work and preliminary conclusion,
  • a research diary recording your field, laboratory, or computer-based research and your reviewing of literature,
  • a detailed report that describes your research, methods and finding.





Here are two examples of research project posters:

Patterns in Water Discharge and Seismicity in Taiwan                                             The Dynamics of Basaltic Eruptions
Patterns in Water Discharge and Seismicity in Taiwan          The Dynamics of Basaltic Eruptions

Field work

The 'El Gordo' slump sheet in the Tabernas Basin © Nigel Woodcock The final field trip of the Geological Sciences degree is to the Betic mountain range in southern Spain. This is a region with exceptionally varied geology in an active plate-boundary setting. There is something for all tastes: metamorphic basements, overlying reefs, evaporites and turbidite basins, volcanic centres, and major fault zones.  The area provides excellent geological revision in a memorable setting.


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