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Rhea Sood

Rhea Sood, Part IA

I was always interested in environmental science but I wanted to pursue it in a more scientifically rigorous manner. Taking Earth Sciences in the first year has provided the ideal opportunity to do so - the study of the Earth's processes and mineralogy has drawn on many concepts from Physics and Chemistry. The scale is fascinating - extending from the microscopic to the planetary level.


Earth Sciences practicals, lectures and supervisions are varied in content and always stimulating. The department is so friendly, and everyone is willing to discuss and help you to master the array of new techniques introduced in the first year, from analysing minerals under the microscope to map work. There is great satisfaction when you hear something in a lecture and then see it in the field, as we did on our trip to Ketton Quarry in the first term. 

This challenging course covers all aspects of the Earth from geology and oceanography to climate and petroleum exploration and I highly recommend it to those interested in any aspect of our dynamic Earth.