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Dr David Norman

David Norman leads a research group studying dinosaurs and giant flying reptiles. Pictured here (in yellow shirt) with British and US palaeontologists, he's hunting for dinosaurs in the Cedar Mountain Formation (Cretaceous) of Utah.

Dinosaurs of this age are particularly interesting - they are new to science, and contribute to an understanding of the evolution and geographic history at a critical time during continental fragmentation. The dinosaurs collected during this expedition are closely related to Cretaceous ones from central Europe and Mongolia, indicating that before 65 million years ago, these parts of the world were connected by land.

Detailed work in this field integrates basic anatomy, evolution and plate tectonics, and demonstrates that palaeobiology has to be truly multidisciplinary if it is to unravel the complex history of the Earth.

David teaches vertebrate palaeobiology and evolution, and helps to run the Cumbria field mapping courses before Year two. He is a fellow of Christ's College.