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Meet The Students

Why do students choose Earth Sciences in their first year within the Natural Sciences Tripos, and why do so many of them carry on to specialise in the subject? Earth Sciences students explain why they chose the course, and describe some of what they do and what they enjoy.

 Carrie Soderman - meet the students

Kevin Wong - meet the students


I joined Natural Sciences as a chemist, but quickly found Earth Sciences my favourite first-year subject. With Earth Sciences, you'll always be learning new stuff, whether it be in the labs with student demonstrators, in a lecture, or on a sunny beach somewhere. The friendliness and support of the department is a big plus too! After IA, I stayed on as I wanted to be involved with a young, still evolving science that affects everyone.

Kevin Wong, Corpus Christi College

 Helen Gildersleeves - meet the students


I came to Cambridge interested in how and why things come about, thinking I'd be a materials scientist and finding my niche instead in the hands-on and discursive nature of Earth Sciences. There's a lot of opportunity to ask and learn during the practicals and field trips; it also helps that I really like rocks! After 1A I stayed because I liked that I could see the concepts in the everyday world around me and that it was still a developing discipline with answers to find.

Helen Gildersleeves, Queens' College


The Sedgwick Club

The Sedgwick Club is the student geological society and organises garden parties, an annual weekend trip away to an undisclosed surprise destination, weekly talks and much more. Find out about the activities of the Club.