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Courses in the Earth Sciences are taught as part of the Natural Sciences at Cambridge. This means that in first and second year you combine Earth Sciences with other courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, then choose to specialize in the third and fourth years.

Most people apply to Cambridge University through a specific College, but open applications are also possible. Teaching is provided centrally by the Department of Earth Sciences, so all colleges are equally suitable for studying the subject (all undergraduate colleges accept applications for Natural Sciences).

The colleges handle all admissions to Cambridge but if you have questions which specifically relate to studying Earth Sciences, .


For the Earth Sciences course you don't need any previous knowledge of the subject, neither do you have to have done Geology or Geography at school. The requirements for the course are A-Levels in two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. 

Earth Sciences straddles the divide between the physical and biological sides of Natural Sciences, and attracts students from both groups.

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