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Subject Overview

The Earth is a complex, evolving system with many interacting parts. Earth Sciences gives you a balanced idea of how the planet works: you will understand its natural history, processes operating now, and what the future holds. Whichever career route you take, you will be able to participate in discussions about the planet and the environment at a knowledgeable level.

In contrast to many other universities, you don't apply to Cambridge to do a single science. You apply for the Natural Sciences Tripos in which you take three science subjects with Maths in your first year and don't specialise in one subject until third year. The Natural Sciences programme encourages you to expand your scientific experience beyond the subjects you did at school, and many students choose Earth Sciences for this reason. Many students are sufficiently excited by the subject to continue with it in the second and later years.

The selection of topics in these pages provide a summary of what you can expect to learn about, through The Earth Sciences Course, both in the first year and beyond.

Undergraduate Prospectus.