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UKRI fellowship enables further research on the origins and evolution of birds
Daniel Field
Daniel Field, University Lecturer in Evolutionary Palaeobiology, has been named a recipient of a Future Leaders Fellowship by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Understanding how, where and when birds became so successful is one of the most enduring and controversial puzzles in evolutionary biology, and Daniel’s UKRI-funded work aims to resolve these major outstanding questions.
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From the Cambridge Earth Sciences Blog
Empty stacks in the new building
Collections Research Centre: The Colin Forbes Building
The Sedgwick Museum received the keys to the brand new Colin Forbes Building in September and now begin the ambitious task of transferring their rock collection – weighing more than 150 tonnes – from a variety of locations across Cambridge. Bringing their collections together and creating a space to welcome research visitors is a big step towards the Museum’s aim of creating a world-leading centre for Earth Sciences collections research.
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Group photo of attendees at Alumni Day dinner
Save the date: Alumni Day 2020
Our next Earth Sciences Alumni Day and Dinner will be held on Saturday 9 May 2020. All alumni, their partners and families are welcome, and we particularly hope to encourage many of you who graduated in a year ending in a 0 to return. Save the date and spread the word amongst your year group and contemporaries! Do get in touch with us if you would like help contacting fellow alumni to organise a group.
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