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Lab work - synchrotron


Earth Sciences

Arran Field Trip March 2015

Arran Fulgurite

Tanzania Collage

Group pic Greece 2015


Imaging basalt

Much of the world’s remaining oil and gas is locked under basalt, a rock that has baffled those attempting to ‘see’ through it. Now, thanks to new techniques developed at Cambridge, imaging beneath basalt is opening up vital new hydrocarbon reserves.

Fingerprinting rare earth elements from the air

Spain 2016

Iguanodontian natural endocast from Bexhill

Godwin Laboratory website

Weddell Sea, credit Michael Weber

Antarctic Ice Sheet study reveals 8,000-year record of climate change

Artist’s reconstruction of Saccorhytus coronarius, credit Jian Han

Artist’s reconstruction of Saccorhytus coronarius, based on the original fossil finds. The actual creature was probably no more than a millimetre in size Credit: Jian Han

Simple rule predicts when an ice age ends

Drones used to analyse ash clouds from Guatemalan volcano

The flight team (left to right): Colin Greatwood, Thomas Richardson, Ben Schellenberg, Emma Liu and Kieran Wood. Credits: Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and INSIVUMEH

‘Plumerang’ health risk carousel

Kīlauea volcano, Hawaii

Image taken by Clare Donaldson with the assistance of USGS and HVO

Shape-shifting rangeomorphs, artists impression Dr J Hoyal Cuthiill

Global cooling image

Slides containing foraminifera (left) and the Quartz tubes (right) are used to covert CO₂ from forams dissolved in acid into graphite for ¹⁴C dating ©Luke Skinner

Volcanic arcs recycle crustal carbon carousel image

Image credit: Richard Herd

Brittle stars show evolution at work ©Ken McNamara

Chilesaurus ©Nobu Tamura

Life reconstruction of Chilesaurus diegosuarezi

Mysterious ancient creature

The Ediacaran fossil Dickinsonia costata, specimen P40135 from the collections of the South Australia Museum, Adelaide Credit: Alex Liu


New Director for the Sedgwick Museum image

Cambridge collaborates on carbon capture and storage

Mike Bickle in Utah