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VEMA-18-68 isotope data

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File contents

    core name:           VEMA-18-68
    latitude degrees:    54/33/S
    longitude degrees:   77/51/W
    depth in water (m):      3982
    length of core (m):     10.77
    core description:    inclusive
    data types:          dc13, do18
    date of collection:
    last update:
    notes:               held at LDGO
    <A IMG SRC="../coreplots/depplot.gif">plot against depth</A>
    <A IMG SRC="../coreplots/ageplot.gif">plot against age</A>

    lab code    core              depth m  species  18O      13C      depth cm
    A 82/2069   V18/68   mean        0.450 PWUELL       3.12     0.21  0-9