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Athletics-dec1st ra...nd interp

Step 17 An interpolated and thickness ramped phase map, holography image and Lorentz contrast image will appear. Note the fringes have gone from the Lorentz image and all images are less pixelated. Also note the effect of the thickness ramp where features get less intense as the sample gets thinner. The thickness ramp has no effect on the out-of-plane stray field images; see the the details of the interpolation_thickness macro below. To save any of these images, click on the image then select the 'File' tab and select 'Save Graphics'
Athletics-dec1st ra...nd interp
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Earth Sciences at Cambridge

Saturday 22 September 2018: A one-day conference bringing together international scientists to mark 200 years since Adam Sedgwick was appointed to the Woodwardian Chair of Geology.

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