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Library news, no. 535, The Shorttle Cocktail edition

As retweeted by @Sim0nRedfern – does anyone disagree?

To stop REF game playing, why not let everyone take part?

David Price argues that axeing staff selection would remove the temptation to manipulate data and protect careers …

Interesting view of academics from an ex-manager’s perspective

Academics, you need to be managed. It’s time to accept that

7 Crazy Realities of Scientific Publishing

A slightly tongue in cheek description of the process, worth the read I thought

The scientific method is one of the cornerstones of science (the others being lab coats and the use of Greek letters in equations). First you make an observation (“why is my car making a funny noise?”), then you form a hypothesis (“it sounds like my tire is flat”), make a testable prediction (“if my tire is flat, then it should be deflated when I pull my car over and look at it”), and finally obtain data by performing your test (“Yes, it’s flat! I’m a Science God!…Oh, shit.”).

Modern science has added another step to the scientific method that you didn’t learn in third grade: publish your results. Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals are arguably the most important avenue for scientists to follow the research of others and share their own research with other scientists or the public. However, the rise of academic publishing companies as insanely profitable businesses and the intense pressure on scientists to publish has poked so many holes in the scientific method that it now resembles an undergrad’s lab coat after experiments with sulfuric acid.

Sharing Research Data and Intellectual Property Law: A Primer

Sharing research data by depositing it in connection with a published article or otherwise making data publicly available sometimes raises intellectual property questions in the minds of depositing researchers, their employers, their funders, and other researchers who seek to reuse research data. In this context or in the drafting of data management plans, common questions are (1) what are the legal rights in data; (2) who has these rights; and (3) how does one with these rights use them to share data in a way that permits or encourages productive downstream uses? Leaving to the side privacy and national security laws that regulate sharing certain types of data, this Perspective explains how to work through the general intellectual property and contractual issues for all research data.

3 Industries that will be hit by climate change

The title says it all

Could this be useful? How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Learning with Python: Interactive Edition 2.0 Welcome! Take a tour, experiment with Python, join more than 850,000 other readers in learning how to think like a computer scientist with Python.

WARPIT (pronounce ‘warp it’ rather than ‘war pit’ as I first read it)

This looks like a good idea, WarpIt   is a network that allows you to find and/or dispose of items that you need or not longer need. I’ve got some old toner cartridges I would like to get rid of, I’ll see how it goes and let you know.

Do you want science? Yeah!!!! Do you want it Naked? err maybe …

What you really want is to hear all about climate change as reported by the naked scientists? Here it is as produced by our very own band new Dr Jo Kerr & featuring another new succesful recent PhD Dr Julia Gottschalkk – congratulations to you both.  You can listen to it on line or download it from here.

Let’s learn a new language

hurrah, sign up with the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP) for next easter, very relaxing. Transferrable skills galore.


The Dino Song

David Norman tells all about the Dino craze than swept the country a century and a half ago. And also, did you know that there was such a thing as CambridgeTV?

Here are the videos from the launch of the William Smith map in the museum

The first is Ken McNamara giving some background about how we came to get this glorious map up on the museum wall and introducing Hugh Torrens who gave a shorth(-ish) talk about William Smith and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the map, Smith himself & his enemies



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Cambridge Volcano Seismology

Here’s one they made earlier


Supermoon Lunar Eclipse- on Sunday 27th


Read all abut here


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