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Library Services

Using the Library

All members of the University may use the Library's facilities and may borrow from the Library. A valid University card/University Library card is required for registration. All borrowing is electronic and requires registration. Members of the public are welcome to consult the Library collections and should contact the Library staff to make an appointment for visiting the Library.


The Library holds monographs, periodicals, reports, and maps covering all aspects of the Earth Sciences. The collections are housed on two main sites, and all pre-1980 material is housed in closed store and must be . Staff should be contacted if you are unsure where material is.
The Library regularly receives more than 350 print journal titles and, via the University, has access to a large and growing number of electronic titles. In the Library print journals are organised alphabetically according to title. 


Newton is the online public access catalogue for the University. All items in the Library can be found via this catalogue. You can download a guide to using Newton or view an interactive tutorial

Online Resources

There are a number of subject-specific resources available. There are links to these on the Resources section of this site and there is a guide to online resources which you can download. 

Off campus access to online resources

Access to ejournals and and databases (e.g. Web of Science) when not within the domain is aggregated via Shibboleth and not Athens/Eduserve.This provides a single federated sign-on process. However these means that all such access must be routed via our own departmental links, from the Resources page, or those of the University Library's eresources@cambridge


A guide to maps and related data is available from here


Access to electronic resources is now solely via Raven authentication.

A Raven FAQ for here. If you're having difficlties not covered by the FAQ you can email here for further assistance.

Inter Library Loans

Library staff will locate and borrow material for you that is not available in Cambridge. In order to process your copy requests we require that you sign a copyright declaration form to say that the copy will be used solely for private study or research and NOT for any commercial purpose. If the copy that you require is to be used for any direct or indirect commercial purpose, a copyright fee must be paid. Please contact the Library staff if this is the case at:

The current fees for inter library loans (ILL) are:

  • £4.40 - per paper

  • £5.50 - per book

A copy of the Copyright Declaration Form, is available for you to download, sign and hand to the Library staff for processing. Alternatively see the Library staff. The University Library also provides an Inter-Library Loan and currently charges just £3.00 in request fees.

Document Scanning Service From the Central Science Library - Available to University of Cambridge Members & applies exclusively to CSL held material

The Central Science Library (CSL) is offering a document scanning service. The (currently free) trial will scan and email material presently unavailable electronically. The aim is to provide items within a 24 hour period from receipt of the request. This includes book sections as well as journal articles, within the bounds of copyright law, of course. To make use of this service just fill in the form available here and more details from here

If you want to have a hard copy why not use the electronic fetching form for the CSL

Copiers and Computers


We do not operate a card system and therefore cash payment is expected of visitors. A billing system operates for Part II/III. This photocopier can also be used as a printer from the computers in the library, you MUST be logged in through Ubuntu and not Windows and the printer name is min252.

  • Black & White: A4 5 pence, A3 10 pence
  • Colour: A4 20 pence, A3 30 pence

Printing Charges in the library

  • OKI6200 Black & White printer 4 pence per page


Here are a couple of quick copyright flowcharts: excluding crown copyright and crown copyright


  • 3 public terminals near the current journal issues stand - primarily intended for catalogue use
  • 12 terminals in the main Library - these require department logins
  • 1 terminal in the Bullard Library - for public use
  • Laptops - you may use laptops in the Library. Please ask staff about network connections

Also available: scanner, printing (see staff for details), microfilm and microfiche readers.