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1B Geological Sciences - Reading Lists

This list summarises the key reference texts [that are mostly in print] that you may wish to use throughout your second year of geology. There may be other books and papers that are suggested for particular parts of the course that are not featured on this list. You should be able to find many of these books in your college libraries, or else in the Departmental library. You may (eventually) wish to consider purchasing those marked **.


  • Fossen, H. 2010, Structural geology, Cambridge University Press, 480pp. Ebook
  • McClay, K. R. 2002. The mapping of geological structures. (2nd edition) Wiley, 224 pp.
  • Maltman, A. 1998. Geological maps: an introduction. (2nd Edition) Wiley 260 pp.
  • Park, R. G. 1997. Foundations of structural geology. (3rd edition) Chapman & Hall, 214 pp, reprinted 2005 by Routledge.



  • Allen, P.A. 1997, Earth Surface Processes. Blackwell, Oxford, 404p. ISBN 0-632-03507-2. Ebook
  • Cox A. & R.B. Hart. 1986. Plate Tectonics: How it works. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Ebook
  • ** C. Mary Fowler (2004). The Solid Earth, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press. (An outstanding book covering a wide range of global geophysics. Will still be useful at Part II.)



  • W.S. Broecker and T.H. Peng, Tracers in the sea; Eldigio Press, 1982, 690pp. Now out of print, but in many college libraries.
  • G. Faure, Principles of Isotope geology, 2nd edition, Wiley, 1986, 589pp. The standard text for an introduction to isotope systematics.
  • S.M. Libes, An introduction to marine biogeochemistry; Wiley, 1992, 734pp. 2Nd ed 2009 Ebook Covers some of the topics at a less advanced level.
  • Open University, Ocean chemistry and deep-sea sediments, Pergamon Press, 1989 and 1991 (also excellent coverage of basics)



  • ** Bridge, J. and Demicco, R., 2008. Earth Surface Processes, Landforms and Sediment Deposits. Cambridge University Press. Leading text book on the subject.
  • ** Nichols, G. 1999. Sedimentology and stratigraphy. Blackwell Science, 355 pp. Excellent coverage for our courses on both Sedimentology and sedimentary basins. Ebook
  • Leeder, M.R. 1999 Sedimentology and sedimentary basins: from turbulence to tectonics. Blackwell Science. Ebook.
  • Good coverage of sediment transport by fluids and good on basins and clastics as well.
  • Reading, H.G. (ed). 1996. Sedimentary environments: processes, facies and stratigraphy. 3rd edition. Blackwell. Ebook Encyclopaedic, reference.
  • Scoffin, T.P. 1987. An introduction to carbonate sediments and rocks. Blackie.
  • Stow, D.A.V. 2005. Sedimentary rocks in the field: A colour guide. Manson Publishing.
  • Tucker, M.E. 2001. An introduction to sedimentary petrology. 3rd edition. Blackwell. Ebook 



  • Briggs, D. E. G., and Crowther, P. R. 1990. Palaeobiology, a synthesis. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford. (Short essays on a wide range of palaeobiological topics)
  • Briggs, D.E.G., and Crowther, P.R. 2001. Palaeobiology II, A synthesis. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford. Ebook (Short essays on a wide range of palaeobiological topics)
  • ** Clarkson, E. N. 1998. Invertebrate palaeontology and evolution, 4th ed. Blackwell. Ebook  (A straightforward survey of the important fossil-forming invertebrates)
  • Futuyma, D. J. 2005 Evolution. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland (Massachusetts). 603 pp. A comprehensive and up to date text covering all aspects of evolutionary biology.
  • Lipps, J. H. (ed.) 1993. Fossil prokaryotes and protists. Blackwell Scientific, Boston. (Useful overview of the important fossil-forming protists)
  • Skelton, P. (ed.) 1993. Evolution, a biological and palaeontological approach. Addison-Wesley. Exhaustive coverage of evolutionary principles with a focus on the unique contribution of palaeontological data.



  • Benton, M.J. 2005. Vertebrate Palaeontology 3rd Edn. Blackwell. Ebook
  • Kemp, T.S. 2005. The origin and evolution of mammals. Oxford University Press. Ebook
  • Pough, F.H., Janis, C.M. & Heiser, JB., 2012. Vertebrate life. Pearson, 9th Edition. (Good stuff if you want to learn a little more about the nuts, bolts and biology of these critters - mix of living and fossil forms helps as well.)



  • Allen PA, Allen JR 2013, Basin Analysis: Principles and Application to Petroleum Play Assessment, Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Allen P.A., Allen John R. 2005, Basin analysis: Principles and Applications, Oxford Blackwell Pub, ISBN:9780632052073. 2Nd ed ebook. Good on general principles; more detail than you need, but with a useful chapter on petroleum near the end.
  • Busby, C.J. & Ingersoll, R.V. (eds) 1995 Tectonics of sedimentary basins. Blackwell Science, Oxford. (Takes a geological rather than mechanical view of basins. Useful chapters on basins in each main tectonic setting.)
  • Leeder, M. 1999. Sedimentology and sedimentary basins: from turbulence to tectonics. Blackwell Science, Oxford. Ebook (Mostly on sedimentology, but has a concise reliable treatment of basins at the end.)