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Part II - Core 1 Geophysics

C1: Geophysics Core Course

Lecture 1 - James Jackson

  • Molnar and Chen (1982), Seismicity and mountain building, in: Mountain building processes (Ed. K. Hsu), Academic Press, London, p41-57

Lecture 2

Lecture 3 

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

  • Turcotte, D.L., Schubert G., 2016. Geodynamics. URL (accessed 3.20.16).

Lecture 8

  • Richter, F., McKenzie, D., 1978. Simple plate models of mantle convection.

Lecture 9

Lectures 10-13 - Nicky White

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Lecture 14 - Nick Rawlinson

  • Lay, Thorne, and Terry C. Wallace, eds. Modern Global Seismology. Nachdr. International Geophysics Series 58. San Diego, Calif. [u.a.]: Academic Press, 1995.
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Lecture 16

  • Lay, Thorne, and Terry C. Wallace, eds. Modern Global Seismology. Nachdr. International Geophysics Series 58. San Diego, Calif. [u.a.]: Academic Press, 1995.
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Lecture 17

  • Fichtner, Andreas, Brian L. N. Kennett, Heiner Igel, and Hans-Peter Bunge. "Full Seismic Waveform Tomography for Upper-Mantle Structure in the Australasian Region Using Adjoint Methods." Geophysical Journal International 179, no. 3 (December 2009): 1703–25.
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Lecture 18


  • Cohen, Benjamin E., Darren F. Mark, Stewart J. Fallon, and P. Jon Stephenson. “Holocene-Neogene Volcanism in Northeastern Australia: Chronology and Eruption History.” Quaternary Geochronology 39 (April 2017): 79–91.
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Lecture 19 - John Rudge

  • Bercovici, D. “Mantle Dynamics: An Introduction and Overview.” Treatise on Geophysics 7 (2015): 1–22. This is available at the Betty & Gordon Moore Library
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Lecture 20

  • Crosby, A. G., and D. McKenzie. “An Analysis of Young Ocean Depth, Gravity and Global Residual Topography.” Geophysical Journal International 178, no. 3 (September 2009): 1198–1219.
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Lecture 21

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Lecture 22

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Lecture 23 - David Al-Attar

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Lecture 24

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