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Core 4 2016

Reading List for C4 (Hodell) by Subject

Deep Sea Sediments

General references:

Specific papers:

Methods of temperature and ice volume reconstruction in marine sediments


Oxygen isotopes


  • Lea, D.W. (2003) Elemental and Isotopic Proxies of Marine Temperatures, pp. 365-390. In The Oceans and Marine Geochemistry (ed. H. Elderfield, ed.) Vol. 6 Treatise on Geochemistry (eds H.D. Holland and K.K. Tuerekian), Elsevier-Pergamon, Oxford.
  • Rosenthal, Y., B.K. Linsley, Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca Paleothermometery from Calcareous Marine Fossils, chapter in the Encyclopedia of Quaternary Sciences, Elsevier Ltd., 2006.

Clumped isotopes



Milankovitch Theory of the Ice Ages

General reading:

  • Imbrie, J. and Imbrie, K.P., 1979. Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery. Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0-674-44075-7

Review paper:

Classic papers:

For an alternative view:

Middle Pleistocene Transition