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Part II - Core 5 Mineralogy

Introduction to Rock and Paleomagnetism

Lectures 1-6 - Rich Harrison and James Bryson

Essential text books:

Essentials of Paleomagnetism - Lisa Tauxe (in the library and also all available on-line,
Magnetism in Condensed Matter - Stephen Blundell (in the library)

Background Reading

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Papers for lectures and research seminar:

Lectures 7-12 - Simon Redfern

  • Archer, T. D., S. E. A. Birse, M. T. Dove, S. A. T. Redfern, J. D. Gale, and R. T. Cygan. “An Interatomic Potential Model for Carbonates Allowing for Polarization Effects.” Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 30, no. 7 (August 1, 2003): 416–24.
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