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Petrology B

Reading list for Part III Petrology B lectures - created 2017

Petrology B - Sally Gibson

* = highly recommended as the most appropriate available book for PETB


Available from the library office

Davies, G.F.D. 2011. Mantle convection for geologists. Cambridge University Press
Dickin, A.P. Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry. Cambridge University Press
*Gill, R. 2010. Igneous rocks & processes. Wiley-Blackwell
*Treatise on Geochemistry 2 (2014): The mantle & core (Elsevier) - dopn't have thi
*Rollinson , H., 1993. Using geochemical data. Pearson
MacKenzie, Donaldson & Guilford, Atlas of igneous rocks and their textures.
Nixon, P.H., 1987. Mantle Xenoliths
Available from the library office.
Shaw, D.M., 2007. Trace elements in magmas: A theoretical treatment. Cambridge University Press
White, W.M., 2013. Geochemistry. Wiley
*Deer Howie & Zussman,  An introduction to the rock forming minerals

Lecture 1
*Carlson,  R.W.,  Pearson,  D.G.  & James,  D.E.,  2005.  Physical  and  chemical  characteristics  of continental mantle.
Reviews of Geophysics, 43, 1, doi:10.1029/2004RG000156
Dawson, J.B. & Smith, J.V., 1975. Occurrence of diamond in a mica-garnet lherzolite xenolith from kimberlite. Nature 254, 580-581.
Gibson, S.A., Malarkey, J. & Day, J.A., 2008. Melt depletion and enrichment beneath the western Kaapvaal craton: Evidence from Finsch peridotite xenoliths. J. Petrology, 49, 10 doi:10.1093/petology/egn048
*Mather, K.A., Pearson, D.G., McKenzie, D., Kjarsgaard, B. A. & Priestley K. (2011), Constraints on the depth and thermal history of cratonic lithosphere from peridotite xenoliths, xenocrysts and seismology, Lithos, 125(1–2), 729 – 742,  doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2011.04.003

Lecture 2


Lecture 3