Palaeobiology and Palaeoecology

Academic Staff involved in this discipline:
Professor Nicholas Butterfield, Professor Simon Conway Morris, Dr Ken McNamara, Dr David Norman

Research Staff involved in this discipline:
Dr Sylvain Gerber, Dr Romain Guilbaud, Dr Liz Harper, Dr Jen F. Hoyal Cuthill, Dr Javier Ortega-Hernández, Dr Ben J. Slater, Dr Martin R. Smith

Research Students involved in this discipline:
Mr Peter W. Adamson, Mr Collin van Buren, Mr Nickolas Wiggan  


A focus of our research is the Cambrian "explosion," arguably the greatest transition in the history of life, a better appreciation of which will improve our understanding of the broader aspects of the evolutionary process. Our approach involves novel interrogation of the early fossil record combined with leading-edge phylogenetic and morphometric techniques, and recognition of the powerful interplay between biological and planetary evolution. We are also a major centre for vertebrate palaeontology, again integrating biology (e.g. functional biology) and geology (e.g. plate tectonics and palaeobiogeography).

Community Structure, Evolution and Organismal Interaction

We welcome applications from students with backgrounds in geology, zoology, biology and, when appropriate, physics or biomathematics.

Recent publications in this area.

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