Petrology: Igneous, Metamorphic and Volcanic Studies 

Academic Staff involved in this discipline:
Professor Mike Bickle, Dr Marie Edmonds, Dr Sally A Gibson, Dr Tim Holland, Professor Marian Holness, Dr John Maclennan, Dr Jerome Neufeld

Research Staff involved in this discipline:
Dr Judith Bunbury, Dr Hazel Chapman, Dr Jason Day, Dr Margaret Hartley, Dr Peter Leggo, David Neave, Dr Llewelln Pilbeam, Dr Stephen Reed, Dr Oliver Shorttle 

Research Students involved in this discipline:
Eleanor Jennings, Marthe Klöcking, Miss Alexandra Maskell, Miss Eve Rooks, Miss Lois Salem 

View of East Lae`apuki lava delta, Mauna Loa, Hawaii, with photographer standing on top of sea cliff for scale. (Credit: Image courtesy USGS, #0634. February 23, 2005)

This grouping combines research into igneous, metamorphic and volcanic processes to enhance understanding of global tectonics as well as their more immediate impacts on our surficial environment. Our strategy is to integrate geological observational studies (field work, petrology, geochemical and isotopic analyses) with interdisciplinary work on multiphase flow in deformable media and the properties of the materials involved.

Current Research

We have well-equipped geochemical laboratories for the preparation and geochemical analysis of minerals and rocks. The Department has laboratories for high pressure and temperature experiments and also for fluid dynamical investigations.

Recent publications in this area.

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