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POP Project: Shackleton, Fairbanks, Chiu, Parrenin Timescale 2004

Data on the Shackleton, Fairbanks, Chiu, Parrenin 2004 timescale from: Absolute calibration of the Greenland time scale: implications for Antarctic time scales and for Δ14C N.J Shackleton, R.G Fairbanks, Tzu-chien Chiu, F. Parrenin; Quaternary Science Reviews 23 (2004) 1513-1522

  1. GRIP data on SFCP2004 timescale
  2. VOSTOK D/H data on SFCP2004 timescale
  3. MD952042 planktonic isotope data on SFCP2004 timescale
  4. MD952042 benthonic isotope data on SFCP2004 timescale



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