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DATA and Other POP-Project Publications

Data on the Shackleton, Fairbanks, Chiu, Parrenin 2004 timescale from: Absolute calibration of the Greenland time scale: implications for Antarctic time scales and for δ14C (N.J Shackleton, R.G Fairbanks, Tzu-chien Chiu, F. Parrenin, 2004, Quaternary Science Reviews) are available here: 2004 SFCP timescale data. A PDF of the article is available here: 2004 SFCP timescale paper.

Data from Delmotte, M., J. Chappellaz, E. Brook, P. Yiou, J. M. Barnola, C. Goujon, D. Raynaud, and V. I. Lipenkov, (2004) Atmospheric methane during the last four glacial-interglacial cycles: Rapid changes and their link with Antarctic temperature. J. Geophys. Res., 109, D1210 is available here: Vostok high resolution methane record.


Data from Tzedakis,P.C, Roucoux, K.H., de Abreu, L. and Shackleton, N.J., (2004) The duration of forest stages in Southern Europe and interglacial climate variability. Science, 306 pp2231-2235, is now (17 Feb 2005) available here: MD012443 pollen record.

Please notify of any problems you may encounter with this data. A related web site is: the Delphi Project

The first and second year reports can be downloaded as Word documents:


Year 1 report, part 1
Year 1 report, part 2
Year 1 publications


Year 2 report
Year 2 publications
Planktonic isotope data, MD01 2443 
Planktonic isotope data, MD01 2444
Vostok high resolution methane record

The POP project is an international research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme, and contributes to the implementation of the Key Action Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity, within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development framework. Contract No.: EVK2-2000-00089. See the European Commission Community Research web site.

The alignment of planktonic and benthonic oxygen isotopes stratigraphies from MD95-2042 with ice core records from Greenland and Antactica. N J Shackleton, Science, vol 291, p58-59, 2001 and N J Shackleton, M A Hall, E Vincent, Paleoceanography 15, p. 565, 2000

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