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Gt & Sp oxybarometry

Gt- and Sp-Oxybarometry

GtfO2 and SpfO2, two programs to calculate fO2 of mantle Garnet peridotites and Spinel peridotites from mineral analyses.

GtfO2 and SpfO2 are programs which takes mineral analyses in the form of oxide weight percent. Errors are propagated from the probe data to the final fO2 values. These programs follow the method outlined in Miller, Holland & Gibson (2016, J. Pet) and use multi-reaction oxybarometry to yield least squares estimates of fO2.

Executables, a Read.Me file and example input files are provided

Updated Nov 2019: OSX versions as 64bit added

Versions available: 

       download:  Mac OSX

       download:  Windows

       download:  Linux 

These downloads hold executables, sample input files and documentation explaining the use of the program for Mac, Linux and Windows.