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Roger Powell and Tim Holland

THERMOCALC is a thermodynamic calculation software package for tackling mineral equilibria problems. It has two main components: the application itself, and the internally-consistent thermodynamic dataset it uses.

THERMOCALC, being backwards-compatible, works with the various generations of dataset, so it is usually appropriate to use the current version of THERMOCALC, as provided here. Which version of the dataset you use is much more important. Software and Documentation for THERMOCALC and drawpd are available for download at the main Mainz thermocalc website.

Latest updates:

2019: OS X 64-bit versions of THERMOCALC and drawpd for Catalina users.

The 2018 (J Pet) melting model dataset + new thermocalc + mineral coding files + fo2melt ** Files updated (April 2019) – some minor differences between files had been present, which made almost no discernable difference to calculations.

 N.B. The Jennings & Holland (2015) mantle melt model, which should only be used for ultramafic compositions, may be found at the Mainz website.

A technical note about Landau implementation which was omitted from the 2011 dataset publication is available for download