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Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Fluxes

Group Members

M.J. Bickle FRS, H.J. Chapman, J. Maclennan

Previous Group Members

Chen Feng You (Taiwan), A. Davis (Perth)


D.A.H. Teagle (NOCS Southampton), Laurence Coogan (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Hydrothermal circulation at ocean ridges, which passes the mass of the oceans through the ocean crust every ~ 30 Ma, buffers ocean chemistry, transports a significant fraction of the Earth’s heat flow and plays a fundamental role in geochemical fluxes between the solid Earth, oceans and atmosphere. However there are major uncertainties in both the magnitude of the hydrothermal fluxes (see Davis et al., 2003) and the structure of the hydrothermal systems. 

Pillow lavas, Geotimes locality, Semail Ophiolite, Oman
Sheeted dykes in the Semail ophiolite, Oman

We have been studying the structure of oceanic hydrothermal systems in ophiolites (Troodos and Oman, Teagle & Bickle, 1992; Benyon et al., 1998), modelling hydrothermal fluxes from geochemical alteration of the oceanic crust (Teagle et al., 2003), studying the chronology of oceanic sulphide mounds (You & Bickle, 1999) and modelling the thermal evolution of oceanic spreading ridges (Maclennan). Particularly spectacular are the epsidosite zones in the Semail ophiolite, Oman, which Amy Davis (unpublished Cambridge PhD) showed were related to three or more phases of hydrothermal activity and could be mapped from the top of the gabbros, through the sheeted dykes and into the lavas. Each phase of hydrothermal activity exhibits a distinctive range of 87Sr/86Sr ratios.

Plagiogranite with xenoliths of earlier dyke generation cut by epidotised later mafic dyke in hydrothermal 'reaction zone' near top of gabbros. Semail ophiolite, Oman
Two generations of sheeted dykes both strongly epidotised. Earlier generation rotated to ~ 30° dipping screens between steeply dipping later generation. Wadi Rajmi, Semail ophiolite, Oman

Pillows surrounded by epidosite.
Cu and Fe sulphides within epidosite sampled from pillow outcrop figured to left

Dark epidosite zones mapped within plagiogranite, Wadi Rajmi, Semail ophiolite, Oman

Sketch-map of the previous field locality showing higher, ~ 0.705, 87Sr/86Sr ratios of epidosite zones (green) and late phorphyritic dyke (grey) compared with ~ 0.704 values in plagiogranite host rock

Mined-out massive sulphide pit in lavas, Semail ophiolite, Oman

Publications From This Work

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