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Staff Survey Results

Staff Survey Results Summary

The Department of Earth Sciences conducted a survey for all staff and post-graduate students between 13th and 31st January 2014.

The response rate was 78% (194 responses out of 250 people), which is significantly better than that of other higher education institutions and we thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

The survey consisted of 74 questions which, in most cases, asked for responses to a range of questions by selecting one of five options:

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Below is a summary of the headline results, focused on the five questions that drew the most positive responses, the most neutral responses and those with the highest proportion of negative responses.

The five questions that received the highest percentage of positive responses (strongly agree and agree) were:

My immediate line manager / supervisor treats me with respect (85.0%) Q29

I am treated with fairness and respect in the Department of Earth Sciences (84.7%) Q51

I know where to find information about training and development opportunities (83.0%) Q12

There is effective cooperation between people within my immediate work area / research team (81.7%) Q24

I am satisfied with my working environment (80.9%) Q1

The five questions that received the highest percentage of neutral responses (neither agree nor disagree) were:

I am happy with the University's childcare provision (64.8%) Q43

The career development / promotion processes at the University are fair (46.4%) Q15

My probation was well managed (45.1%) Q6

I am satisfied with the support from the Department in managing stress (e.g. information about the Staff Counseling service, staff training and Occupational Health) (42.6%) Q34

I am happy with the redeployment support I received from the University (42.3%) Q19

The five questions that received the highest percentage of negative responses (disagree and strongly disagree) were:

I think there are sufficient opportunities for my career progression at the University (30.2%) Q14

There is effective cooperation between the Bullard site and the Downing site sections of the Department (29.6%) Q26

I expect to be working at the University of Cambridge in five years’ time (29.3%) Q17

I receive regular and constructive informal feedback on my performance (26.8%) Q10

Considering my duties and responsibilities, I feel my pay is fair (22.0%) Q48

Effect of explanatory factors

Gender, age group, staff group and site were interrelated. The Bullard Laboratories Site had fewer assistants (almost all assistants work at the Downing site) and staff were more likely to be younger. Furthermore, academics were more likely to be male.

Staff group and site were found to be the main factors associated with participants’ ordinal responses.  Assistants and academic-related staff were less likely to give positive responses compared with the academic staff, postdoc/JRF and postgraduate students.  In the majority of questions, staff in the Bullard Laboratories Site (including BPI) were more likely to give a more positive response compared with staff in the Downing Site.  Gender was found to be a significant factor in 4 questions (Q24, Q44, Q55 and Q57), see below. There was no evidence that the odds of a positive response were influenced by age group after adjusting for gender, staff group and site.

Gender balance

The survey showed that academics were much more likely to be male than female.  Gender was a significant factor in 4 questions:

There is effective cooperation between people within work area/research team Q24, with females giving a significantly more negative response.

It is important that meetings / seminars in the Department of Earth Sciences take place in core hours (e.g. 0930 to 1630) to enable those with caring responsibilities to attend Q44, with females giving a significantly more positiveresponse.

I would feel able to report bullying or harassment without worrying that it would have a negative impact on me Q55, with female staff more likely to give a more negative response than male staff.

I feel able to speak up and give my views on the way things are done Q57, withfemale staff more likely to give a negative response.


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