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Infrared Spectroscopy

IR spectra of Na-K feldspar exsolution in far-infrared region (292 K).
We have three FT-IR infrared spectrometers (two Bruker IFS 113v and one Bruker IFS 66v). The Bruker 66v has a Raman bench attached. One Bruker 113v is able to measure samples held at both high and low temperatures, and the other 113v system is quipped with an infrared microscope. One application of IR spectroscopy is to measure small changes in the frequencies, widths and intensities of the lines in the spectra as the sample is cycled through a phase transition. The measurements are precise enough to allow detailed information about the changes that accompany the phase transition to be determined.


Small samples of chemical profiles are studied using the infrared microscope. Alternatively we can use powder samples or macroscopic crystals in reflection or transmission mode. We are specialised in the study of thin films using Fourier transform infrared and Fourier transform Raman techniques. Typical materials are high-temperature superconductors, silicates, carbonates, metamict minerals and ceramics, and semiconducting oxides.