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High Temperature Experimental Laboratory Details

Academic Staff Member

Professor M.A. Carpenter

Contact: Principal Technician

Mr Martin Walker


Mr Chris Parish
Tel.: 33476


South Wing – 2nd Floor – Room S206
Tel: 33467


  • High-temperature furnaces,
  • Hydrothermal cold-seal pressure vessels and furnaces
  • Controlled-atmosphere furnace
  • Small infra-red spectrometer.
  • Piston-cylinder apparatus is available in Room B1 and is under the strict control of Prof. M. Carpenter.

The Laboratory is open to AUTHORISED USERS doing experiments with equipment already operational and others under strict supervision. Authority to use the facilities must be obtained from Prof. M. A. Carpenter. Appropriate training will be given and a person will be certified as an AUTHORISED USER when they have demonstrated satisfactorily to the technician that they are competent to operate the equipment on their own. Authorised users will be required to sign a Use of Laboratories agreement form to say they have been instructed in the operation and emergency procedures for the equipment. Instruction sheets and manuals will be available to authorised users for simple routine use. Such conventional experimental studies with equipment already operational and tested may be performed by authorised users during working hours.

Prototype experiments by authorised users may be performed only under the direct supervision of Prof. Carpenter.

The following activities may be performed only within working hours and with another person within earshot

  • Substantial modification to experimental equipment.
  • Experiments by trainees, semi-trained operators, visiting scientists and others who are not fully authorised users.

Special Precautions

Please refer to the safety procedures section before use. Any use of high-pressure equipment requires great caution. Nobody may use such equipment without training.