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High Temperature Experimental Facilities

The facilities of the high-temperature laboratory are used for the synthesis of samples involving high-temperatures, high temperatures with controlled atmosphere, and high temperatures with simultaneous pressures up to 0.1 GPa.

The major items of equipment in the lab include:

  • 2 muffle furnaces for temperatures up to 1600 °C
  • 1 horizontal tube furnace for temperatures up to 1600 °C
  • 6 hydrothermal cold seal pressure vessels and furnaces (1000°C, 0.1 GPa)
  • 2 vertical tube furnaces (1150 and 1400 °C) with gas mixing to control the oxygen fugacity
  • ball mills for grinding up sample powders
  • 2 balances for measuring to 4 and 5 decimal points
  • arc welder for closing gold and platinum tubes used for containing samples
  • wire saw for cutting small ceramic samples, rocks or single crystals

For enquiries, please contact Professor Michael Carpenter or Principal Technician Martin Walker.

High temp lab 1
Sample preparation area
High temp lab 3
Furnaces to hold conventional rod bombs with pressure line to deliver pressures up to ~0.1 GPa
High temp lab 4
Muffle furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1600 °C