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High Temperature Experimental Facilities

The Bridgeman furnace for crystal growth in the high-temperature laboratory
The facilities of the high-temperature laboratory are used for the synthesis of samples involving high-temperatures and hydrothermal pressures and for studies of the interactions between fluids and minerals.

The major items of equipment in the lab include:

  • 6 high temperature furnaces (1500°C, 1 atm)
  • 12 hydrothermal cold seal pressure vessels and furnaces (1000°C, 2 kbar)
  • a piston-cylinder rig (1600°C, 25 kbar)
  • a Walker press (2000°C, 200 kbar)
  • a controlled-atmosphere furnace 
  • a Bridgeman furnace for the growth of single crystals from high-temperature melts.

Array of hydrothermal furnaces used for sample preparation, on removal from the furnace the sample is immediately placed into the bucket of cold water!