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Infrared-Spectroscopy and Calorimetry Laboratories

Academic Staff Members

Professor E. Salje
Professor M.A. Carpenter


South Wing – 2nd Floor – Room 210
Tel: 33411


  1. All persons using the facility must abide by the University and Departmental Codes of Safe Practice and be familiar with the Risk Assessment for the area, which must be studied prior to commencing work.
  2. The use of the laboratory is authorised by Professor Michael Carpenter, and is available only to those who have a well-formulated reseach project.
  3. Training is provided, and users will be certified as authorised when they have demonstrated satisfactorily that they are competent to operate the equipment on their own.
  4. The work on this equipment requires exteme care. Extreme care is necessary also in the preparation of samples most of which are hygroscopic and must be kept in the heating compartment.
  5. Liquid nitrogen is used in this room: see Appendix 6 for relevant safety intructions.
  6. Working out of hours: see Appendix 2. Authorisation from Professor Michael Carpenter is required.