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Sedgwick Museum - Brighton Building Conservation Laboratories: Departmental Codes of Safe Practice

Local officer for safety:
Sarah Finney

Madingley Rise

Authorised persons only area

1. All persons utilising the Conservation Laboratory and Acid preparation laboratory must read and abide by the Departmental Codes of safe Practice and be have read and signed the risk assessments for the area and work they are to undertake prior to commencement of work.

2. PPE must be worn, precise details of which will be provided in the relevant risk assessments.

3. Trolleys and lifting equipment must be used to move heavy specimens. Heavy specimens must be moved by more than one person.

4. Use of compressed air tools and other equipment liable to induce vibration are strictly regulated and their use must be restricted to the guidelines laid out in the relevant risk assessments.

5. Microscope use must be restricted to times detailed in the relevant risk assessment for this activity.

6. Dust extraction must be used for all specimen preparation.

7. Access to plant in the loft space (Compressor, water tanks) is restricted to appointed Sedgwick Museum staff

8. Decanting of acids and other hazardous chemicals must only be undertaken by the Conservator or other appointed members of Museum staff.

9. Lone working: Guidelines for lone working and details of who is permitted to work out of hours are laid out in the relevant risk assessment.

10. Copies of all safety documents are kept in the communal coffee area of the Brighton Building