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Appendix 1: Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

The department is required to provide appropriate P.P.E to protect employees whilst at work. It is the employee's responsibility to wear it and ensure that it is in good condition.

Eye Protection

Safety glasses with high impact protection should be worn in all workshops. Prescription safety glasses can be provided for people who need them (see ), Dept. Safety Adviser, for details of optician recommended by the University Safety Office). Goggles or face shields should be worn when working with chemicals to protect from splashes and the full-face shield must be worn when decanting liquid gases (see Appendix 6).

Shielded glasses or goggles must be worn when making thin sections to avoid glass chips in the eyes. A special face and eye mask must be worn when welding. If you need to use safety glasses, consider the person working next to you too!

Breathing Protection

Suitable masks must be worn when working with wood or rock dust. Various types are available, as recommended by the manufacturers. A special respirator kit for dealing with H.F emergencies is kept in room S032 (to be used only by a H.F trained person/First Aider). Facemasks are a part of breathing protection and must be considered together with mechanical extraction and ventilation.

Hand Protection

For all chemical work ensure that you wear the right type of gloves for the job. Check they are not damaged and change them frequently. For some jobs double gloves may be appropriate. Heavy-duty gloves are provided in the workshops for welding and heavy lifting etc. First Aiders should ensure they have disposable gloves in the first aid kits. All users are asked be aware of the possibility of latex allergies, which may occur as dermatitis or asthma. If these symptoms develop please seek advice, initially from the Principal Assistant.

Laboratory Wear

Suitable laboratory coats must be worn for all chemistry work, workshops, welding and any laboratory use requiring personal protection. For the clean chemistry laboratories use the full body suit type: Tyvek Pro-tec by DU PONT, model Classic C E 111 marking type 5/6.

Field Work

Hard hats must be worn in certain locations e.g. cliffs, quarries etc. Goggles or safety glasses must be worn when hammering rock. See complete list of requirements in Field Work Code of Safe Practice.