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Appendix 2: Working Out of Hours

General Rules

Normal working hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm. Outside these hours, and between 1.00 to 2.00pm, certain restrictions apply whenever potentially hazardous activities are involved. If working in the Department evenings or weekends, tell others of the time you intend working to. Time and working restrictions also apply to area remote from the Department: these are identified in the Safety Procedures of the individual area. The Head of Section and/or your Supervisor must also be informed of your intention.

All Equipment

Using equipment whether it's machinery for metal cutting, rock cutting, or mains electrical testing of equipment or buildings, changing any pressure line, and cylinders or prototype experimental work requires another person to be in the immediate area:

  1. To be able to hear and preferably see the person
  2. To be fully aware of the procedures being carried out
  3. To be aware of the safety requirements for the job/experiment, at least to be able to turn off and make safe
  4. To have access to emergency help, at least by phone
  5. The full knowledge and permission of the Head of Section is also required

All are advised if working in the Department late at night or at weekends to tell others of times you intend working to. Time and working restrictions also apply to areas remote from the Department these are identified in the safety procedures of the individual area. At all times the Head of Section and or your Supervisor must also be informed of your intention to work late.

Chemistry Laboratories

In addition to the above, the following rules apply to any of the chemistry facilities outside normal hours:

  1. There must be no use of HF acid or hydrazine hydrate 
  2. There must be no decanting of acids from large to small containers
  3. There must be no movement of dangerous acids around the Department

Hydrofluoric Acid use and its First aid: see Appendix 3.