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Permission to Work Out of Hours in Laboratories

Working in laboratories out of hours is only allowed with the specific prior written permission of the head of section or local officer. This form, when completed, will give the named user permission to use the named laboratory out of hours. This must be done prior to working out of hours. 

Please note: when equipment is running overnight, there should be prominent signs displayed clearly instructing how equipment should be turned off in the event of an emergency 

The Departmental Policy – each laboratory user must be:

  • accompanied by another person while working in the laboratory
  • fully aware of the safety procedures of the laboratory concerned
  • fully aware of the emergency exits
  • fully aware of the location of first aid boxes
  • fully aware of the location of a telephone in case of an emergency 

The following activities are banned while working out of hours:

  • use of HF acid
  • decanting of acids from large to small containers
  • movement of dangerous acids around the department 

Failure to follow this policy will result in you being banned from working in laboratories